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Thread: SKIF HOI2 icons - can they be used with for AoD????

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    I should probably mention that Pumas sprite mod comes with loads of other things that you might not want like German wave sounds, German orientated background pictures (the maker is German I take it) and icon modifications etc so you might want to remove those if you dont like playing the Germans too much. It is also extremely large! In fact although its a small compressed file (400mb or so) it decompresses to over 10 Gb and takes ages to move around etc in either state in fact it takes about 15 minutes just to rename the file! I havent found out how to remove the infantry etc (I just want the tanks and planes) which would make it slightly more manageable but I am sure there must be a way to split it up a bit..

    But at the moment I am experimenting with BeBros sprite pack for HOI2 instead, which is far more manageable than Pumas, and includes tanks, ships and vehicles but no infantry. If I get that one to work I will let you know. Personally I prefer the default AoD infantry to those of Pumas mod and I think he has gone a bit overboard on some of the sprites - the bombers are massive for example. And I dont really feel the need to have different sprites for everything even the minor countries. So its possibly not to everyone preference. BeBros sprites were smaller and looked sharper than many of Pumas and I really like them, although Puma seems to have made use of a few of BeBros ships I think. Anyway hopefully I can get BeBros to work with AoD.

    Edit: I couldnt, its going to have to be Pumas which after all features a lot of BeBro's work anyway. And by the way my problems with moving around Pumas mod on my computer were caused by my antivirus programme constantly trying to check it over for viruses. It is so large it was taking half an hour to check each time! Once I disengaged the antivirus programme all was well. So if you are having problems with the mod renaming it, deleting it, installing it etc shut down your antivirus temporarily.
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