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Thread: Pardon me sirs but can I have a beta key

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    Pardon me sirs but can I have a beta key

    Sorry just saw the game and it looks amazing. It's too hard to resist groveling and asking for one. Anyways enjoy you pilgrims!

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    ...but keep checking here incase some keys become available.

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    Had to try! Next on the agenda... hiring sickly children to "make a wish" for a key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tapewormz View Post

    ...but keep checking here incase some keys become available.
    Ya know when they will ba allowing ya to registrah' for a new beta key eh? (Me trying to write with a north-english or maybe irish accent?)
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    That was more like an idiotic accent

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    you mean like this?
    WARNING: Contains foul language.

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