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Thread: Freezing Problem

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    Freezing Problem

    Hi JanH,

    donīt you feel ridiculous if you call me a troll when I (besides lots of other players) beg you to fix a problem that makes the game unplayable, not only for "a minority of players"? You call me a troll because I refuse to send in another logfile? Hey, you guys got enough logfiles, but you donīt work with them. And you tell me Iīm not welcome on "your" forums? Buddy, I am a customer that paid real bucks for a game that doesnīt work! In my world the customer is king, because he makes my living! So you should thank us all for buying your game! Instead of that you ignore our sorrows. No man, if youīd be a serious business man, youīd act in another way and donīt blame your customers! So, now feel free to close this topic again and tell me again that Iīm not welcome! But I hope the other guys here drag their own conclusions concerning your attitude!

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    Okay Ragnar,

    We all understand your frustration but fact remains: there is obviously a problem, yes. However, since we and TT still haven't been able to reproduce the issue it complicates things and your attitude is not helping at all. Stop harassing the developers and feel free to PM me with your concerns if you want to rage on and perhaps we can reach some sort of agreement.

    Thread locked!

    Best Regards
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