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Thread: Meta-teleportation, how does it work?

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    Meta-teleportation, how does it work?

    Hi everyone,

    Bought Warlock: MotA last weekend after trying the demo, and I'm having lots of fun playing. As a young grasshopper I am searching for a master though, as I can't seem to get meta-teleportation to work. Can someone explain to me how I get get the most out of this spell?

    It's probably something quite obvious and I'm probably missing it. If I read it correctly, I can cast meta-teleportation and send a unit to any selected hex in any selected world. When I click on a unit with the meta-teleportation cast though, it usually jumps to a neighboring hex. I guess I was kind of expecting to see a "select unit" > "select target hex" interface. Since this didn't appear, here's what I've tried so far:

    - In the spell description it says to select the hex beforehand. I can't seem to select a hex though, unless there's a selectable building on that hex, which in turn I found out selects the building and not the hex. So that didn't quite work as I expected.
    - I've tried directing a unit to a hex, then cast meta-teleportation. When I hover the spellwand over the unit, it stays grey. Dead end?......

    Please teach me oh masters of teleportation! --> appropriate smiley I believe =



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    I was having problems with it too because its not really explained in the spell description but here is what I do:

    1. Select the unit that you want to teleport by clicking on it (as if you were about to move it)
    2. Then while the unit is selected choose to cast meta-teleport from the spell casting menu
    3. Click on the hex you want to unit to be teleported to

    I was having problems like you are having when I was going to cast meta-teleport before selecting the unit. If there is an easier explanation than this hopefully some else can post it but this is what I do.

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    Thanks maximumhat, that actually sounds like quite a logical way to use the spell. See, I knew I was missing something quite obvious.

    Going to try this when I get back home tonight. Thanks again!



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    They really should rework the UI for this spell. I think it confuses a lot of people the first time they try to cast it. For me, I tried to use it the way I use every other spell. Choose it, then try to click the unit you want it to impact, then pick the square. But if you do that you end up teleporting the unit you want to move to an adjacent square and doing a facepalm.

    Some kind of guided prompt would be appreciated, e.g., "choose the unit to teleport" with a unit icon on the cursor and then "choose the destination" with a magic cursor.

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    I was initially confused as well, but one you get it, you should be able to use it w/o the confusion.
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