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Thread: What to do about spam?

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    What to do about spam?

    When we see it in the forum, is there something we should do or will it just be removed when a mod glances over it and hence no need to report?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie550 View Post
    When we see it in the forum, is there something we should do or will it just be removed when a mod glances over it and hence no need to report?
    When you see spam, sent a PM to a moderator of that forum. So that, they can take care of it.

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    You do not need to do that for this sub forum however since it is probably read by more Admin level people than any other part of the forum.
    It is also the most "open" so receives lots of bots, but they get taken care of pretty quick.
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    I think it's hilarious that the thread complaining about registration hurdles has been spammed.

    I for one thank the people who are dealing with that junk on a daily basis, I'm sure it's a pain but it is so nice to see it handled. It's a shame people out there put more of a burden on legitimate new members by their unwanted, invasive, annoying spam.

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