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Thread: diplovassalization and diploannexation chances

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    diplovassalization and diploannexation chances


    in earlier expansions it was quite easy to first diplovassalize and and later diploannex even large countries provided they were much smaller than you. Is it still the case in EU 5.2? I mean, is the relative power still major factor? I was told by someone there is a some kind of threshold. If a country has a certain number of provinces or possibly certain income or manpower or combination of these you cannot diplovassalize it NO MATTER HOW big, wealthy etc. you are. Is it true? Or is the ratio between the two countries still decisive? The ratio was of course increased over the course of expansions so that you need to be 10 to 1 stronger rather than 2 to 1 stronger (like in NA for example) but the point is - are there countries which are not possible to diplovassalize even if you had million provinces?

    I wonder whether it is better to grab some provinces for 4 infamy each or force to release a country and then try to diplovassalize it. I have income 1500 monthly, manpower 100k and 80 provinces, the target released country would be 6 provinces big, wealthy in gold and manpower. Same religion (not just religion group), relations 200 and alliance from the start (force released at war).

    I know that badboy and diplomatic skills are important. I would like to know more about factors like relative prestige between the two, relative manpower, income, size or other possible variable which could affect the chance of diplovassalization.

    Any experience with this?
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    You can't diplo-vassalise a country with more than 3 provinces.
    This limit does not apply to diplo-annexing though.

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    Oh so its that simple. so there is a threshold, thanks.

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