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Thread: Okay So about my home province...

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    Okay So about my home province...

    I am playing the Oda and am subject to the Togashi. My home province was Kasugai and now is randomly Chita, any idea how to change that back? Anyone? I may sound dumb but I have no idea why or how it happened.

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    CJ, the only way I am aware of to have a province one controls change, is for you to agree to your Liege's demand to revoke your title to it.

    If the Liege himself dies, his heir inherits all his kori, and distributes them as he desires. But every time I've seen a succession like that, other Kokujin get to keep their lands and any other titles they already hold.

    It is possible that if your title-holder dies, his possessions go to whoever is next in line for the kori - not necessarily his son, but whoever the heir shown in the family window is.

    If it wasn't one of the above, I would guess it's a bug. You might want to restart and see if the same thing happens again.

    You can watch everything closely the second time through and, if it does reoccur, you can capture a savegame and post it to the tech/bugs forum for the Devs to look at.
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