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Thread: Iran?

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    I have this curiosity for a long time.

    Why is good old Persia,named Iran(wich means in persian Land of the Aryans)

    I mean PERSIA,this name has a milenary history,why don t they call themselfes PERSIA anymore?

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    Persia was a name given to them by the Greeks. The Iranians always referred to themselves as Iran, even under the Achaemenids. The Shah during the 30's I think officially changed the name of the country in all languages to Iran.
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    An interesting question. But quickly googlable: Name of Iran.
    TLDR: Turns out, "Persia" is merely the Western name, while Persians referred to themselves with derivative forms of "Iranians" for centuries and, possibly, several thousand years.

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    ok thank you for the quick responses.

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