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Thread: Minor nations and military leaders

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    Minor nations and military leaders

    I've tried to start playing as minor nations to add some diversity to my game play. In one of my games I chose to play as Sweden. I worked extreamly hard researching techs, building IC, building up my army/navy/air force, and trying to speed out my leadership points to gain officers and spies. In 1940 I declared war on Norway, only to find that all my hard work was for nothing. Sweden has maybe 2 navel leaders, 2 air force leaders, and a few army leaders. Most of my divisions went without leaders and were beaten. Minor nations automatically give you a tough game to start with but if you get the upper hand your game play is again nerfed because you can run into a problem like not having any leaders. I find it very hard to believe that Sweden only had 2 navel leaders???? I think in the next update more leaders need to be added to minor countries.

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    Even China, France or Japan lack enough leaders.
    For now only I can advice to you to use HoI 3 Random Leader Generator.
    Here is link:

    My dream is to make decision -> lose xxx officers,leaders to make new leaders(even with 0 skill),or
    make similar system to EU3 -> more land/air/naval expierience -> more available leaders.
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    Sweden has more leaders than that (and you can DoW Norway as early as 1938 in FTM if you choose prepare for war). The only way NOT to beat norway is if Norway is part of the Allies.

    Last time I played Sweden I had at least 5 separate navies with leaders, 3 full army corps with generals at division & corps level, and 3 airforce division also with leaders.
    Admittedly this MIGHT have been in 1941 - and you are out of leaders for the fourth corps.

    This si not such a big handicap by the way. Norway have even fewer leaders - and just rotate the generals with high skill levels to where they are needed.

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