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Thread: How do you play CKII (mods etc.)

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    Vanilla and/or game of thrones which is a really sweet mod.

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    I've made a lot of my own modifications some of which are pretty extreme.

    First of all I start in the year 20 with all provinces as independant nations. I tried this back when the demo was out and turned out I really enjoy it. I don't really care about historical accuracy, so watching the duchies and kingdoms organically form around the world over a long game is very fun and interesting to me. There were several things I had to mod slightly to get them to work at such an early date, like technology advancement, diseases, crusades and mongols.

    On top of that there are some little minor mods I made just to suit the way I enjoy playing. I removed all limitations of vassals declaring war in crown laws because honestly inter-vassal warfare is the most interesting and fun part of the game for me,(I like playing counts/dukes) so I see no reason to limit that. I also lowered the bonus to demesne size you get from stewardship so max demesne size is significantly smaller.

    I've been thinking about trying CK2+ and Game of Thrones mods out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valinn View Post
    Either vanilla with BLC or CK2plus.

    There's a lot I like better with CK2plus, but there's some things I think are worse than vanilla. I like the goal of slowing massive expansion, but some of the mechanics to achieve that are pretty heavy handed so they end up not really slowing expansion that much while becoming another painful annoyance to manage. So I swap back and forth based on my mood.

    No one should ever play without BLC. It really brings the portraits to life and makes the game so much better. It's a cosmetic thing, but you feel the impact. I actually think it embarasses Paradox a bit because it demonstrates how generic and paltry their basic character portraits are and how badly they need to add variety. To design the amazing DNA system and then put everybody in the same helmet and suit of armor from King to courtier from Spain to Moskva is a little weak.

    What's BLC? A google search returns useless threads, including this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poddster View Post
    What's BLC? A google search returns useless threads, including this one
    Better Looking Characters, I presume.
    If you think someone's trolling, PM a moderator.
    Ask your quick modding questions in the appropriate place.
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    So far vanilla, though I've just started a CK+ playthrough. Unrealistic things like a cognatic Hohenstaufen dynasty (that currently has a Muslim female heir) are fun once in a while, but I don't think I'll stick to this permanently

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    With mods, Prince and Thane or Game of Thrones.
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    I was switching between Prince and the Thane, and CK2+ for a while, but CK2+ won out in the end because it expanded into Africa.

    Currently playing A Game of Thrones though.

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    When I'm not working on the elder scrolls mod or another of my projects I usually play CK2 with a merged mod containing CK2+, elements of SoH, BLC, Balansegang, Prince and the Thane, SMWH/Mercator, Keanon's CoA mod (I forget it's latin name), Arko's CoA mod, and my own map, which covers from spain down to the Kingdom of Nri and across to Khiva, with additions to siberia, iceland and a few dozen new provinces in europe itself, it's very rough around the edges but it's just for me and I don't particularly mind

    So...I like mine with mods >.>

    I recommend CK2+ personally if you're looking for a harder, but still enjoyable experience. If you're a fan of game of thrones, there's also that mod in it's beta version I believe now, and if you're a fan of the elder scrolls, Amauri, myself and a couple of others are currently working on one as well, although it's unreleased at the moment.
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    Custom vanilla with BLC here. Like some others, I find the big mods to be a little unwieldy for their goals, but that hasn't stopped me from "borrowing" some of their more interesting and clever ideas for my own flavor. Basically, I've reduced the build costs and time for some early level structures, required holy wars to be border counties to save the Spaniards and North African shieks from themselves, and added a couple of events such as my additional sack and pillage for evil characters. For example, in vanilla it would cost a count 150gp to build a simple motte and bailey/(wooden palisade + donjon) which would take anywhere from 2-5 years to finance for low level counts. This makes little sense to me since historically they were thrown up in just a couple months. By tweaking those early costs and changing some functionality around counts with several thousand square miles in there demesne are now a real force to be reckoned with should you fail to make them happy. Also, it's not longer takes 100 years for Europe to decide to start building.

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    as long as it is a MP game i don't care if its vanilla or mods, playing SP has completly lost its fun after playing MP :/

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    I've played CK+, I used to play Balansegang/Project Balance. I've played a bit of Mare Nostra, and Winter King. Neither of which seem to be updated for the recent patch so *shrugs*. I mostly however, play Vanilla with BLC.

    A lot of the balance and map mods, seems to make me get invaded by the HRE or something. I go into SWMH mod and play Denmark and on start date HRE invades me. They also limit my ability to invade pagans over waters, as someone who enjoys playing in Scandinavia and northern HRE and going for the baltic states, I dislike anything that prevents me doing that through the convenient holy war. A poor reason I know.

    I tend to mod pagans playable in my vanilla too though I rarely play them.

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    Vanilla all the way, I just don't like, in general, to mod my games, with the exception to Bethesda titles where it's pretty much mandatory and one of the very reasons to buy them. I am quite tempted to try out the Game of Thrones mod though, but for the normal games I'll stick to vanilla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GapingLotus View Post
    Just started playing CK2 again after a couple of months and went straight in with the CK2+ mod. There's a few more mods out now and just wondering how people like to play their game. Vanilla or with what mod?
    CK2+ only, Wiz rules. Vanilla is a boring unbalanced crap (sorry PI).

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    I enjoy CK2+ and used to play Prince/Thane mod a lot. But as my computer is so old it crawls with those mods. (1 day/second at max speed, or slower) Frequent load times and graphical glitchiness.

    So now I use vanilla CK2 along with themendios's very clever (and game version neutral) "Performance Mods." http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...hlight=flatmap

    It eliminates the 3d terrain, water, sky, city/river/docks graphics, load screen pictures, all game sound, etc. Now the game runs at a blistering 2-3 days/second at max speed on my computer. Also the load times are negligible and there are no graphical glitches. (Not that many graphics to glitch anymore!)

    Obviously my computer is terrible and the game is barely playable but if you are having difficulties running the game give it a try and you'll likely see even better results then I have. In the past when I've used it, it's worked with other mods as well. To those with performance issues I cannot recommend this mod enough.

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    Vanilla - with Syren's Nickname Mod

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    With either:

    CK2+ or GoT mod. If I want to keep a majority of the vanilla then I only play with Crackdtoothgrins Steppe Faces, the New Duel engine mod and Patrum Scuta.

    EDIT: Forgot Umbra Spherae

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