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Thread: Problems re-registering

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    Problems re-registering

    So having changed my password I now have to re-register my games (Crusader Kings 2 and Victoria 2), except im not entirely sure how to do this, when i enter my old code nothing happens and when i click on the locked symbol as instructed i am told my password has been sent to the metaserver...and nothing changes, how do I go about re-registering my games?

    EDIT: ah, might it be because I have not sent the activation email? If so could someone with the power to do so send me another one please?

    EDIT2: I have been silly haven't I? by "re-registering" I of course mean re-sending the passwords for my games
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    resending the paswords for your games? when you change your pasword only your pasword changes and nothing else. you have registered VicII and CKII.
    yes, you have to confirm your account.

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    I thought that my inability to get into the user modification forums was down to my games not registrating properly, I had forgotten that I have not confirmed my account as I signed up a while back. I no longer have my confirmation email thingy, can another be sent?

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    I have sent you a new e-mail.
    The button beside registration is for when you change your password here, clicking that lock icon sends the password to the metaserver (multiplayer) so that you can use the same password.
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