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Thread: What Is The Meaning of "ALL Clear" in Regards To SOTS 2 Game Maturity?

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    What Is The Meaning of "ALL Clear" in Regards To SOTS 2 Game Maturity?

    OK, I was reading the Kerberos Forums and somebody posted a thread about SOTS2 not being for sale on Steam anymore (maybe temporary, not sure).

    Then Mecron chimed in with some kind of tantalizing comments which got some people buzzing that it could mean that the "All Clear" is not far off.

    Yada, yada, yada.

    What exactly does this mean? That we can call it 1.0 at that point?

    Just wondering.

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    AFAIK it's a feature complete game. It doesn't mean there won't be minor bugs to squish. It doesn't mean there won't be tweaks to balance, AI, or performance. But it does mean that the heavy lifting is done. You can expect updates to continue after the "all clear" but it's primarily a signal to all those who were dissapointed with the release that it's safe to try again if they are interested.

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    Feature complete is very relative, I guess you could call it that now, because all features are kinda there, half working half broken. Mhh, no to be honest, that's perfect 1.0 material given the SOTS2 release or Stronghold 3.....

    Scenarios and Tutorials are still missing, as are most important tooltips.

    If you would try playing the game now you would encounter the hugest bug of all from turn 1.. that's the GUI and the GUI delays for every single GUI action, and until that is not fixed the game may be feature complete, but playable it ain't. Unless you are blessed with more patience than me, I guess. When they get the GUI to "instant" the game might actually turn out to be fun (given some mods). But we are still not there yet.

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    Yes, I tend to agree. I don't think that the all clear will be made until most of the GUI problems is gone and all GUI place holder stuff is fixed. They said a while ago that much of the GUI where still place holder stuff. The lags in certain screen transitions will be squashed before the all clear, I'm pretty sure of it. Kerberos also said they are now concentrating on getting the GUI and performance fixed, which also include a playable AI as far as I know. Adding features is a low priority right now, they will probably add what was promised before release but not more. They have hinted about some other stuff as well, but they will probably add this later after the all clear.

    How long it will be until the all clear is anyone's guess, but I hope it is sooner rather than later. I have no illusions about it though.

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    And they also said, the "All clear" will be this mounth... And they said the game will be finished within 3 mounths after release. And yet more than half a year later the game is still in some beta state. The biggest gamebreakers are AI, GUI and transitionlag.

    Lets be patient. They already think about their first expansion reading through posts you can spot some features to be inside the first expansion. (for example ships to move stations, a new race etc. You probably can tell/find more than i can.)

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    Well if you go back to my first post in the thread "all clear" does not mean "we're done with this wait until the next expansion." There will be updates to the core game after the all clear.

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    Along the same lines as the previous posters, 'All Clear' is ment to indicate that the game has been developed to the level and has all of the features that were supposed to be there at launch. Being that they were very much over-ambitious with the design scope of the game and, due to problems beyond their control, had development delays that caused SoTS2 to incomplete last October when their publish it or scrap the project date was reached. However, in the defense of Kerberos, they have a done a wonderful job of molding/wrangling this game into their vision and making sure that it is a finished product (unlike someother games *cough* Stronghold 3 *cough, cough*).
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    I've been keeping tabs on this game since it's release, which should have been done similar to how Endless Space is being done if they needed to release it early but I digress. IMO it now appears to be something to buy or pretty darn close if you're a fan of the 4X genre. I do have to stay I'm impressed with Kerberos and how they have remained committed to fixing their game. Sad to say but you can't say that for a lot of companies or people in general anymore so respect on that front at least.
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