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Thread: Just a quick laugh to lighten up your day

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    Just a quick laugh to lighten up your day

    roflol - you guys (and gals) over there at Neocore are GREAT! Never listen to the haters! Just started on KAII - so far its awsome. Only thing I miss is the ability to chage the knight's unit type - I need mounted heros!!! but no biggy......What made me decide to post today was when I met Sir Meliot. (who is really King Arthur himself! - or Nigel Terry from the movie Excalibur made in 1981.....God I'm old....) It really did give me a chuckel.
    Keep up the good work y'all!!

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    That movie was great Easily one of my favorites.

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    That's an excellent find. Nice job.
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    Guys! Does smb know whether Morgana Le Fay has any prototype or actress? Really pretty!
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