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Thread: 1.06 Information & First Expansion

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaintEsteban View Post
    Don't be obtuse. Rebels appear in game. You will never see an "Empire of Rebels" unless you look in the game files. It's a straightforward idea, and this is getting away from the topic anyhow.
    ...I wonder if it's possible to make it so that Rebels can actually properly take over places rather than disappearing and looting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleight of Hand View Post
    the 1.06 patch also adds a new province in Italy
    huh? ... what'd i miss?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sian View Post
    huh? ... what'd i miss?
    There's a new province bordering Spoleto, which as far as I know is the only additional province in Europe. Doomdark mentions it during the E3 live stream, in which he discusses Sword of Islam whilst playing as the Seljuks in the 1066 scenario.

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    there was a livestream? where can i find that one, and are there more stream/video's like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grumphie View Post
    there was a livestream? where can i find that one, and are there more stream/video's like that?

    scroll down to the recorded vids (it was in the later half of one of the vids)
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    Quote Originally Posted by KPJ View Post
    Wow, okay, well, 12 pages of discussion, and I couldn't be bothered to read it all. I read the final page and see we're quite derailed, and bring us back to the subject with this and only this:

    What does 25% grapes mean!?

    Check out that screenshot in the OP
    Never read your Omar Khayyam?

    Frankly, I'm amazed at the subtlety of Paradox, for referring to:

    Drink Wine, that heals all woes, and thou shalt yet
    The seventy-two contentious sects forget;
    Shun not that Alchemist, who in the Cup
    A draught to cure a thousand ills hath set.

    It's obviously a trait that allows you better relations with Shias/Sunnis and the muslim heresies. 25% grape means 25% reduction in penalties.
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