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Thread: Annexing Netherlands.

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    Annexing Netherlands.

    I am Belgium, and decided at the end of the war (At 1925, It dragged out abit.) that Netherlands was cowardice for not helping the Allies and hence wiped them out, though I can't annex them nor will they cave in to my demands. I put a claim on all of Netherlands and I can't find ANY other province of them left. Any ideas why I can't annex or get them to be my puppet?

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    have you conquered Congo?

    edit: I'm stupid. You are Belgium, not the Netherlands -.- Sorry.

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    Dutch Guyana, Dutch Antilles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ^_AC_^ View Post
    Dutch Guyana, Dutch Antilles.
    Can't seem to find those, I've looked and can't find a single province of Netherlands, the only thing they got is the puppet Dutch Indies.

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    North of Brazil is a Province called Paramaribo. Itīs the only Dutch possession left that has a VP, so all you have to do is to capture that province. Good luck.

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    Found it, will let you know if it lets me annex them. Problem being I can't actually take it over as my naval don't go that far, heh.

    edit : France was so kind to take it for me Thanks.
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