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Thread: Living in the darkness?

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    Living in the darkness?

    Ye i know the song is awesome but that was not the question

    Anyway at this point can you live in it? My toon have around 20/25 in all humours and when i hit the darkness i didn't wanted to go in before at least checking wtf was this, so i just read the window explaining what it was and went back to my homestead that is not far. Anyway, is the bug when you port to your homestead in the darkness still is the game? If not what should i know before even trying to settle in there? Or should i just put a home close to it's limit and wander in?

    PS sorry i just figure out you had to register the code to access the beta forum... my bad :/
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    The question is not if you can live in it. You should ask how deep in it you can live with your stats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by siis View Post
    The question is not if you can live in it. You should ask how deep in it you can live with your stats.
    pretty much, you'll find a point where your lowest humour will neither be replenished by food nor drained by the darkness; lets call it the event horizon.

    so if you want to safely live as deep into the darkness as you can then just on the boston side of the event horizon is the place for you.
    of course as you raise your humours this will all change and you can venture deeper.

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    With the purity changes, other than safety is there any other reasons to be in the darkness?
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    I don't think the change are permanent they clearly said in the announcement they are waiting for proper mechanism.

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