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Thread: Crusades - large empires/kingdoms don't join as much.

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    Crusades - large empires/kingdoms don't join as much.

    Anybody notice the larger kingdoms not joining crusades often? Last 2 crusades were very poor. Last one had 8 people, 2 of which were kingdoms, Sweden and Denmark, 4 Duchies and 2 counts!

    HRE didnt join and it is massive in game, nor England who is largest kingdom, France has one Duchy and one count left. Spain is Infedel cept a small English Duchy, Poland & Hungary are stable but fighting a dual war against huge Rus. England has Kingdom of Jerusalem. None of the Knights Orders joined.

    Not worth bothering with except to get your king the crusader trait.

    Only seems to have been since 1.05 consecutive patches or am I just unlucky?

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    Well its not a guarantee that HRE or England or France or whoever will join, but in my games England or HRE usually wins the crusades.

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