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Thread: King Svend II of Denmark missing grandmother

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    King Svend II of Denmark missing grandmother

    I just started a new game, and I'm beginning as King Svend II of Denmark in 1066. I was reading up on his family like I always want to do, and I noticed his father had nothing, and his grandfather on that side had no wife at any point? Was this some kind of affair? I read up on the family a little on Wikipedia but found no mention of the grandfather's (Torkel Styrbjörnsson) wife or affair or whatever there either.

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    There are many people famously, especially in the regions with little to no practiced writing, in which we have no idea who their parents/grandparents/siblings/children are. The only way you would know who his grandfather was is if he was mentioned in writing somewhere that has been discovered. Its extremely likely that his grandmother's name was never mentioned in any kind of letter or family records. We know all of the Emperors of Rome because people wrote about all of them; the great-great grandfather of the King of Nowheresville? Not so much.

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    Denmark is not exactly "Nowheresville" but what the idea is if there are no records easily available on a specific character then they do not exist and the historic tie in to a living character is left blank. If you do manage to find some historic relative that is not in the game, you can always mod the history file to have that character be present.

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    If you think it's a bug and/or you can find a source stating who the missing/incorrect person was, report your findings in the bug forum.
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    remember that Svend II inherited his throne through his mother, and his father was Ulf Jarl (equilient of duke) of questionable pedigree. Some stories tell that Ulf Jarl is the grandson of Styrbjörn the strong, son of King Oluf Munsö of Sweden (d. 975) and Tyra of Denmark, Daughter of Harald Bluetooth. But its uncertain if thats true or just an invented heritage to promote his rights
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    Cool guys, thanks for the responses! So my poor ruler has a questionable past. Excellent :-)

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