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    I have mounted as the IC mod on DH, I put the max_allowed_brigades = 5,
    in ground units and it works, I can add these brigades to units
    infantry, the problem arises when I record the game, because by putting it back
    I listed the units with a single brigade.
    Could you indicate why? or how I can fix it.

    Thank you very much for your cooperation

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    My guess is that IC does not support more than one brigade even when on top of DH. Additionally, you probably ought to register your DH and IC games so you can access the tech support forum (click on the "My Games" tab on top to find the registration screen).
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    The games are registered, and of course the Iron Cross can not put more than a brigade, when mounted in the Dark H, allow me to put crews to determine the allowed command brigades but in the save of the game does not appear more than one brigade .
    But thanks for your cooperation

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    No, your game is not registered, or there was a problem when you did it. Otherwise, you would have a little DH right below your pseudo.
    I encourage you to try again.
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