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Thread: In need of suggestions - hypothetical american colonies

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    In need of suggestions - hypothetical american colonies

    So, I'm presently working on another new world mod of mine. Right now, I'm working on the colonial revolter system. Fundamentally, each culture group (that's actually likely to colonize the new world) will have one (or more) colonial revolters and associated colonial culture, and events to cause the change.

    For the historical colonizers, this is not particularly difficult. For culture groups that have legends/oral tradition of long-lost lands that have, at one point or another, been associated with the New World, this is not especially hard either (Vinland for the Scandinavians, Fusang for the East Asians).

    For the others, if one want to avoid pointless repetition of "New X", it gets significantly more difficult. Hence why I'm looking for ideas, and turning toward this forum for help.

    Right now:

    French/Iberian/British groups: their historical colonies, which were both plentiful and lasting. No problem with those.
    Dutch/Flemish: New Netherland
    Russia (and perhaps all eastern slavs) will likely use Alaska/Alaskan (even thought that was only the name of one region of Russian America), because Russian America sounds awful.
    East Asian cultures: Fusang
    Scandinavian cultures: Vinland (Sweden probably get New Sweden)

    The highest priority for ideas at this point would be the Germanic, Gaelic and Latin culture groups.

    West Slavic, Turko-Semitic, South Slavic and Basque would come next.
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    If Russian America sounds bad, then how about New Russia? Or something inspired by Russian history, for example, period when Russia expanded to the east annexing various Turcic and Tatar peoples is called "Big Game". Perhaps something like "Great Game" could inspire a name for Rus America.
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    For Russia, you could use Novorossiya.. Its New Russia, but it sounds a whole lot better and looks a whole lot cooler on the map.

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    There was a private attempt by a wealthy German family to colonize the Venezuela area, which they named Klein Venedig. It was also sometimes called the Welser Colony, after the family that colonized it.

    The Welsh also set up a few colonies in Argentina, and a few additional towns here and there. The colony in Argentina didn't have a real name I think, and they just called it the Colony, or the Welsh Colony. Wladfa or Wladychfa would work.

    For Italy, maybe Quarta Sponda? Its a bit out of the timeframe though.
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