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Thread: Does anyone still use any of these tools?

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    Does anyone still use any of these tools?

    Does anyone still use any of the available tools? I'm having a lot of difficulty getting any of them to work. If anyone still uses them, like a bridefinder or family tree maker for example, could you please let me know which version you're using it with, and if you're using any mods, etc. Thanks.

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    I don't have those but :
    -CKEC : cK event creator
    -Dynastic glory : dynastic score
    -Map utility 1.2.5b : map assembler/disassembler
    -Horragoth's CK ledger 1.12 : to edit database

    Some mods of course.
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    Cool, thanks for the reply. I'll check em out tonight.

    EDIT: Looks like the link for Horragoth's external ledger does not work with Deus Vult. The links are also all dead.
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    The mods i have/use sometimes are:
    Mappa Regnorum

    Marriage patch
    Muslim_pagan patch
    New Republic patch
    Dynastic Glory
    Bopack gfx
    Bebros gfx
    Gratianus gfx
    Tunch khans Moslim Portrait
    IamWhoas_Deus Vult_SFX and Music_addon
    CK Family Treemaker 2.00 with GenoPro

    These are for Deus Vult. The mods for CK vanilla usually dont work with the DV expansion.
    You dont need the bridefinder , as there is one in the ledger for DV. Maybe you havent found the ledger in DV yet ?
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