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Thread: Not enough city names?

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    Not enough city names?

    In the past two games, I've noticed the following trend... Eventually, all the cities you build have the same name. In my prior game, every new city was called "Invern-on-Lynn" (sp?) while in my current game all new cities are called "Spellhaven." Is my copy special, or are others running into this?

    (Playing on huge maps, max AI's)
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    Renaming cities according to their nature is a good idea since it is easy to do and tells you at a glance what the city does.
    Names like: "Troll Chapel (trolls), Minotaur Chapel (minotaurs). Bank of Agrela(gold producer), Naval Yard (boats), etc. are very helpful and save time when you have a lot of cities.
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    I haven't noticed this, but I don't think I've made enough cities to trigger that. I like to rename my cities, so that might be part of it too.
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    I ended up with a city named something like donkeyville, and was disappointed that it wasn't one of the ones with access to donkeys.

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    Alright, I've been playing a larger game and I did notice this happening. Not just with my cities, but it seemed to be the case for the AI's as well. We were both Undead. Maybe there's a set number of names for cities and when it hits the end of the list it just repeats?
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    Maybe they shall start making something like "New Spellhaven", as in Civ

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    Some cities get a New in front of their name, but not most. I remember having Bigden and an AI had New Bigden right across from it.
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    There seems to be a limited pool every race draws from. In my game as Lichking, I've build about 20 Idunums so far, while the AI has undead cities with names I do not have yet.
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