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Thread: I want to be able to name my units

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    I want to be able to name my units

    On a large map where you have dozens of units, it would be a little easier if units could be named, instead of just spearman, i could name it according to it's perk or what mission i have it doing. It woud also give units more personally & unqiueness.

    Plus it's FUN !!!

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    I would like this too. After a unit has been through multiple battles and still survives even if only through sheer luck it deserves a unique name. This would be a fun addition to this game

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    I agree, I believe this was suggested in the big sticky thread at one point too.
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    I had not even thought about it, but it is definitely a feature I love in other games.
    It does indeed add to the immersion-factor.

    Pretty please add this to the game.
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    +1 ! I wholeheartedly agree - this adds a lot to the immersion factor and the feeling that you're creating your own world. Renaming units is a great feature we find in games like the Civ series and the new Fallen Enchantress.

    The game is lots of fun, and the ability to add that little personal touch to units would give the game lots of staying power and re-playability. It's funny, I think sometimes the smallest details are what make a great game. For example, I think the detailed descriptions of each unit in Warlock are superb - it's rare to find that nowadays, it's often left out of other games.

    Please please add it to the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fireserval7 View Post
    I think the detailed descriptions of each unit in Warlock are superb - it's rare to find that nowadays, it's often left out of other games.
    WOW !! So true, I love the detail info on the units.

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    I especially like the descriptions for Red and Gold dragons. =P
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    +1! naming units is very important to differentiate between elite-super-squads and lowly level units.

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    I agree. Plus it would be good to have more specializations in the upgrade path. Currently units of the same type evolve more or less the same.

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    Yeah! Custom names would be cool.

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    Definitely adds to the immersion factor. I am all for that.
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    I think this is a waste of time. I spent so much time cycling through stuff I don't even rename my cities. I would prefer actual hero units which would stand out from the rest of your units. The 2 starter units are pretty bad, maybe if they had unique level-up perks and multiple abilities then it would make them more interesting.

    Also, I choose the same perks for all of my units, so they are mostly identical depending on what level they are. There is a pretty easy to find optimal path...

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    No there isn't. It's obvious that you should focus your unit's perks on the task you plan to use them for. You'd be smarter to give one unit of Warriors perks for defense bonuses and melee resistance if you plan to use them to besiege and hold captured cities, and to give another unit damage bonuses and elemental resistance if you're going to use them to fend off Greater Fire Elementals from Holy Grounds. In this light, it would be very useful to name your units if you've also planned specific tasks for them.

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    I agree with LTK; besides the immersion factor, naming units really helps me quickly identify which unit is good at what, i.e. how I've chosen to specialize it.

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    Yeah, count me in agreement too. Would be a nice feature

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    I wonder if they could include this feature in a DLC pack, I would definitely buy it, or would something like this have to wait for a full expansion.

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