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Thread: Voting+a query

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    Voting+a query

    I'm playing as France, and I've noticed my ruling party is getting 100% of the vote for itself, when my voting system has around 6/7 parties, and I've allowed everybody to vote, and the voting electorate clearly shows my ruling party should only be getting about 35% of the vote. The last 4 elections have all just been 100% victories for my Reactionary ruling party...

    Also, can I not enact social reforms unless the majority of my population wants it? Because I spent about 20 minutes trying to click the social reform that was available to me, but nothing happened.

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    You probably have seleceted "first past the post" in political reforms and that party gets the majority in every state, so its candidates win everywhere.
    Also there artent specific reforms available, either all polititcal and/or social reforms are available or none at all, you can only select one step at a time though, not go from no school system to good school system fo example.

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