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Thread: Count of Dublin > King of Ireland, Jerusalem, Wales (and Scotland+England for heir)

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    Thumbs down Count of Dublin > King of Ireland, Jerusalem, Wales (and Scotland+England for heir)

    Folks, something must be done to balance this thing.

    I'm going along the supposedly well-trodden route of 1066 Dublin start. King of Ireland is easy. A successful crusade yielded me the crown of Jerusalem (well earned, no objections). A lucky pneumonia for my well-placed-matrilinial-marriage-to-a-claimant-begotten heirless relative gave me the larger Duchy in Wales (and consequently the crown of Wales). Nothing exceptional, I think.

    What I think is out of all proportions is that I was able to invite to my court an actual pretender to crown of Scotland (and a potential, once his mother is dead, pretender to the crown of England in one) and make him marry matrilineally to one of my daughters. The wonderful Mr. Prince Henry of Scotland. His heir will have a claim on the whole damn Celtic world!

    The reason I was able to invite him to my court is that the only thing (apart from base reluctance) preventing that was was his opinion of his liege. That is, as you all know, negotiable. This particular poor beggar had an imbecile heir and enough ill-wishers for me to plot his demise. New liege, a drop in opinion, Prince Henry is up for grabs.

    Did I mention his claim was inheritable?

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    I'd like to see a modifier for "Strong claim" or somesuch to balance out matrilinial marriages. Sure, if you get someone to come to your court, you should call the shots (you do have the men with swords, after all), but some prince with good claims shouldn't be overly happy about a matrilinial marriage to the third daughter...
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    They are Celtic, matrilineal IS the way claims are inherited amongst them... But I agree, this does seem quite unbalanced.

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    I suggest an 'I will come to your court at a price' mechanic. Basically, a high-flyer with a strong claim should agree to come - for a title. 'Yes, I see that you are able to press my claim. Give me a title as a pledge of your intentions'. The title should be one level below the supposedly-to-be-pressed claim. Thus a King of Ireland can invite a pretender to the Kingdom of Scotland to his court - but as a Duke, not a lowly courtier (to be ordered around and married to a third daughter matrilineally).
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