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Thread: How to merge (not attach/stack) armies?

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    How to merge (not attach/stack) armies?

    Asking this specifically because one of my merc bands merged with my levy force so I now have a growing 6k merc mob with 10.500 limit, and can declare war asagain as my Levy was disbanded after the fighting. Quite enjoyable.

    But how can I do this manually and not by accident? I managed to attach units in the correct order, but still they move in different speed then etc. causing trouble (besides of the above mentioned glitch). Is there a specific command to merge forces to one unit as the AI automatically does whenever assembling armies?

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    you just press the merge button lol, it should be apparent when you select multiple troops in same province.

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    good to know, I'll select a younger mercenary captain then ^^) (I assume the merge button is in the button line above the unit troop numbers somewhere.)

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    yeah there's a few buttons, shouldnt be hard to find it.

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