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Thread: How do AI pick national ideas?

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    How do AI pick national ideas?

    So yeah....
    I wanted make country who start colonizes south-America same times as Portugal and Castile. I searched why Portugal and Castile always colonize south-America before others. I was sure there was events, but I found that only reason they do it is because on common country files both have "quest_for_the_new_world" idea on 2nt "historical_ideas" place. So I tested and it seemed that they really choose their ideas about impact of "historical_ideas". So I created new custom country and give it "quest_for_the_new_world" idea on 2nt place of "historical_ideas" on their common country file and... So yeah they pick their owns instead of using "historical_ideas" like Castile and Portugal do. What is meaning of this?

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    I was just going to make a topic on asking about this! Does anyone know? Is it "hardcoded"?

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