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Thread: Problems with the manual

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    Problems with the manual

    Hey, I am new to paradox games and this forum (first post woot!), and when I got Rome Gold I was surprised to see their was no manual.

    It says to download it off this sub forum, but I can't figure out how.

    Thanks in advance.

    Also, is a strategy guide the same as a manual?

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    both manual and strategy guide are in the FAQ sub-forum (at the top of the page). In theory the manual tells you the mechanics of how the game plays and the strategy guide gives you practical play ideas (in reality there is an overlap between the two). In truth, after several patches, the manual is only useful for orientation and as an indication as key mechanics have altered, but well worth a read to understand the main mechanics.

    beyond that ask on the forum (you'll get good answers) or read some of the after action reports (again a link to the relevant forum is on this page), lots of good ideas and practical advice in there two. Read the unofficial guide to Republics - utterly key to understanding how to deal with the populist menace.
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    Thanks so much loki, i found it.

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