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Thread: Just a thank you to the devs :)

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    Smile Just a thank you to the devs :)

    I have saved all the building tech trees to the desktop, made a .txt with the gods descriptions, took note of hot-keys I found, and there's still lots of things I want to try because it's still a mistery.

    Seriously, there's been a very long time since I happily did this. This game is awesome. Thank you Ino-co Plus, thank you Paradox, keep working on this game! It's one of a kind, and has already created a community around it!

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    Yes, thank you for the game! This game is really hitting the turn-based strategy spot. The graphics are a cherry on top. And the unit comments ("I will stand right here!) are another cherry on top. And the... well, there are a lot of cherries. It's kinda messy.

    If you create an Expansion of this caliber, I will happily give you my money.
    Feel free to call me App. It's shorter.

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    I second that. And I love my monster faction All for one, one for all!
    Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you're an asshole.

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    I third that. As a reductionist, I may get struck down by lightning for saying this, but for all its flaws this game manages to be more than the sum of its parts. There's something addictive about it.

    In particular, I'd like to express my gratitude for the terrain system. All those uphill penalties and the like are intuitive to understand, and totally unobtrusive, but they add a huge extra dimension to the game whenever forces of similar strength fight each other.

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    I agree completely. This game is criminally underrated and sits alongside Legend of Grimrock for my favorite game of 2012 thus far.

    The flow of patches and constant staying-in-touch with and giving back to the community is greatly appreciated, too.

    Ino-Co Plus is one company I'll be sure to support in the future.

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    Definitely want to echo the thank you and encouragement to the devs. This is a very fun game.

    Also absolutely agree with Velorien that the game really has something very addictive to it. I've played various games that have forums on this site for years and I've enjoyed every one I've played, but I don't think any of them got me absolutely hooked so quickly - and with the demo, no less. I played the demo three times, trying to push what could be done in the 50 turns further each time. Then realized I couldn't not by the game. Really enjoying Warlock.

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    Awesome game, full of stuff and surprises, superbly coded so that it never* crashes despite the interactional complexity.

    (* Having participated to the beta, I have been playing each and every day since 17 April, and the game has never crashed or failed to load.)

    I join in to thank the Russian developers for their masterpiece, and I beg them to release even more stuff and surprises.

    (I am willing and eager to purchase all DLCs and expansions.)

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    I heartily agree! It's a welcome change to see a post like this. Too often gamers tend to complain about anything and everything rather than appreciate what is good about a game. With multiplayer coming, this game will get even better.

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    Great game indeed, I'm impressed they got so many things right from the start. Even though it's not perfect, it's a very solid gameplay base for adding more interesting stuff.

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    Add me to the list of VERY satisfied customers. I too will pledge to buy additions and expansions. PARADOX is a great company and make great products. Wonderful game, albeit lacking in help/documentation. But this forum is great for getting answers from more experienced players.

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    I am also satisfied. Played only a couple of maps, now wait for polishing patches, but game is very good anyway. It's so good that I'm telling myself "Wait just a little, it'll become fully balanced and bugfree and then you'd feel and remember it as a perfect game".

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    Warlock is awesome. There really is not much more that needs said. Best 17 bucks I spent in a while.

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    I curse the developers and paradox for releasing such a time killing game for such a ridiculously low price, while i should be learning for my exams!

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    I have to second the opinions here.
    I love the game and spend waaay too much time in Ardania these days
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