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Thread: FtG-like mod for EU3?

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    FtG-like mod for EU3?

    I'm sure there's some good reason for this, but why can't there be a mod like FtG/AGCEEP for EUIII? It's obviously got a much better map than EUII along with several other advantages. Why can't there be a mod that mostly just adds a few thousand historical events to fix the ahistoricity problem that, to an extent, prompted the creation of FtG in the first place?

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    Because the engine is fundamentally unsuited. Do people still play EU3 with dynamic monarchs disabled? (Is it still even an option?)

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    I don't believe it is. I asked the same question in the EUIII forum, and I basically got the same answer: royal marriages, dynasties, and other things integral to the EUIII engine make high levels of determinism difficult. It's just, AGCEEP's and FtG's events are so wonderful, and EUIII's map is so beautiful, I wish they could be combined. But I guess it's not to be, at least not today.

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