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Thread: Minor Exploit

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    Minor Exploit

    Heya, Folks, Winnihym here, new forum member!

    Just a quick note to the devs, as I didn't see this reported elsewhere after a quick search. On summoned units (at least on the Beastmaster summoned units) you can "dispel" the summoned unit perk (by clicking on the perk), making them essentially permanently summoned. Not sure that's the intent.

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    I saw it was an option to dispel the summoned unit perk and figured it'd just kill the unit early. Another bug for the fix-pile, I guess; good catch.

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    What does this do exactly, remove the upkeep cost?

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    Nope- some summoned units have a timer to self-destruct enchantment. Like the Beastmasters (Fervus human temple unit) or the Sisters of Krypta. Apparently, if you click to dismiss the self-destruct enchantment you can keep the unit indefinitely. Or until something kills it.
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    Units that are summoned by special abilities instead of summoning spells have a set duration and no upkeep. The duration timer is an enchantment effect, and when the duration expires, they disappear automagically. If you cancel the enchantment before it expires on its own, instead of the unit disappearing like it should, it becomes permanent instead.

    Edit: Ninjas.

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    Actually, there is an upkeep cost for the summons ("Old Wolves" for beastmasters), and it does apply that upkeep to your totals. One of the reasons I knew I had permanent wolves; I was suddenly and inexplicably down 7 food.

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    Funny thing is you can actually dismiss banes as well (or at least the 3 i was able to check).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Szordrin View Post
    Funny thing is you can actually dismiss banes as well (or at least the 3 i was able to check).
    Some you can, some you can't. I wasn't able to dismiss Lesser Weakness. Not sure what the deal is with this one.

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    So far in testing I've been able to dismiss banes caused by monsters but not by spells. It could be coincidental.
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