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Thread: Questions about game mechanics

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    Questions about game mechanics

    What does it mean when population and biosphere are red in my empire managment screen? Playing tarks for the first time on turn 20 or so and this is the first time i've seen these 2 in the red. I dont understand biosphere to begin with but its never given me red so i payed no attention to it. Anyone able to enlighten me?

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    If I recall correctly, a recent patch now has lettering red or green based on if it's a negative drain or a positive gain. Of course without seeing it or observing it over time, I can't be certain that is what you are seeing, but it sounds like that's it to me.

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    If you are transforming something Biosphere will go down, that's pretty much death and taxes certain. Population being red would mean you are losing people somehow, either a recent combat or a planet that's too hazardous. That's my guess anywho.

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    Or they're moving away. I hope we can be really evil and pull an East Germany on our populace if it gets too high. Does anyone know if morale affects the population?

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    OK thanks, i didnt have any combat or anything recent to the event so im not sure why i'd be losing populace, in fact i just started colonising a nice world with only climate hazzard 30.

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    Is there any way to improve the biosphere?
    Had limited options to colonize, found a nice size 8 world, only ~200 hazard, but the bioshere only started at ~ 1000. By the time I finished teraforming it, I have 1 biosphere remaining. Can it be restored?

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    And what happens if you don't have much Biosphere? I heard vague warnings (from Mecron, so I have no idea :P ) that it bites you back one day...

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    AFAIK there is no way to restore biosphere, but that may change.
    It's only used in determining Psionic strength atm, meaning a low biosphere will probably make you more susceptible to psi attacks? not really sure there either.

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