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Thread: Calling Vasal's full armies

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    Calling Vasal's full armies

    I have noticed that my vassals have large reserves of levies I cannot call upon, and they can call each other to arms for internal conflicts. Some of them are listed as my "allies".

    Can I call a vassal to arms, to raise the rest of his levy? It seems silly that peasant's up rise in their demise and they don't do anything unless I raise their levies.

    Also, I'm crusading, and would like some of them to join in. Is it possible?

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    You cannot call vassal as allies. You can raise 100% of their levies in certain situations. If you have feudal levies set to MAX and their opinion of you is +100 you will be able to raise 100% of their troops, this is for castles only.

    Cities and Temples probably have the same option but I usually have their levies set to low
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