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Thread: Noob Here!! Help with add and editing provinces please?

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    Noob Here!! Help with add and editing provinces please?

    Hi there folks. Need some help on editing/adding provinces for europa universalis 2. What I'm really looking for is a map of africa with maximum provinces(or at least minor permanent terra incognita) while accurate in locations.

    So could you point me to a mod that fits this demand. I already tried Agung Pasha's mymod. It wasn't bad but there were too many permanant terra incognita in africa and South America. If you could also point me to a guide or tutorial on how to do this i'd really appreciate it. The student is ready to learn , will a master step forward to teach?

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    WATKABAOI sounds like what you want.

    Modding the map is rather difficult; only a few have persevered enough to actually create playable maps.

    (This is the wrong forum, by the way; this is for downloads only. The general modding forum (one level above this) is for modding discussion.)

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    Thanks for the reply. Been trying to post on those other forums but it says i gotta register eu2 but i don't see any slot for eu2 to register it. Oh well ill just see what watkaboi has to offer.
    thanks again Michael.

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