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Thread: Things that need fixing...

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    Things that need fixing...

    Boat/ship placement. Twice now I have built a city on a penninsula. Built a harbor on one side, shipyard on the other. Built the first ship, placed it in the left hand side body of water. Built a galleon to put on the right hand side, but guess what? Even though the shipyard is connected to the right hand side of the water (and not touching the left hand side water), it automatically deploys to the left hand side where the first ship was placed. All consecutively created ships also go there. The only way to get ships on the right hand side is to make a new city connected to that part of the water and build another harbor and shipyard. Both times this happened, I was at the bottom of the map and the land cut off the connecting water, meaning I had to build ships on different sides of the penninsula to explore the water areas. Lame.

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    I believe ships always come out of the harbour.

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    Ah! So the shipyard is only for building the upgraded ships and not a launching building, so to speak. Well then, I just need to build another harbon on the other side and I can launch from there? I wonder if it will let me choose where to place it or if it will auto deploy to the last harbor built. I'll have to do it and see what happens. Thanks for that info though, very helpful.

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