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Thread: WIKI Page is up.

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    Warlock: Master of the Arcane Wiki

    So I created a wiki about a week ago and some of you might already have seen it. I haven't been very active with it but I have noticed others coming in and adding content, extremely grateful for that. I am planning on constructing a much better system, once I figure one out, it looks like a mess right now. Everyone is welcome to add content as long as it is valid of course, there's also plans for putting guides up there, both starters guides and more advanced ones. My original plan was to keep it hidden until it was fairly easy to navigate with at least Some content, but since some have already found it, then I suppose it's about time I make it "official".

    Here it is: Warlock: Master of the Arcane Wiki. You should be able to navigate through all the content from the main page, you can write here if you want to give tips and ideas. Please notify me through PM if a page gives the wrong info and I will look into that personally. Also feel free to PM if you want to advance your contribution to the site as an admin.


    EDIT: Also, if you know any other wikis about Warlock, then please let me know, merging between two could result in a better one, after all they are meant as an information base for players, no competition is required to help out! Also check this out for bug fixes and solutions: Warlock: Master of the Arcane on PC Gaming Wiki.
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    Good idea to start a wiki, imo this game has to little in-game info on buildings and units etc. I want to help with adding content, is there a easy way to get info out of the game? Maybe via a config of xml file? Its a lot of work to play the game and keep alt-tabbing to update the wiki


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    in video options (when in main menu, not playing the game) check: windowed mode. now you can alt+tab very fast
    thats what i did. if you want to help, you can e.g. go on adding units with their description. look at the units i added, its all the same. most easiest way: click edit on a unit that is already in the wiki (e.g. clerics) then in the upper right corner is a button "source". strg+a, strg+c . now get back, click on add page, name the page like the unit, then, in the editor click on "source" again, paste the cleric source in it and change the stuff applying to your unit. when finished click preview, if everything is fine, publish. then go to society -> units and look at the source code how the links to other classes (e.g. cleric) are added.
    its *[[YourPageName]]
    would be fine if someone would add the units of other classes. its a lot of boring work writing all the lore stuff down^^

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    I am familliar with editing wiki's, so it wont be a problem I think. I am playing a game with the monsters race now, so I am going those units to the wiki.

    Thanks for the help so far!

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    Added some info. Thanks for getting this going! I'm looking forward to the section on Divine Spells in particular...
    Feel free to call me App. It's shorter.

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    Feel free to add any of my info to the wiki: http://www.shadowtiger.com/files/warlock.rtf

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    would be nice if you can just do it yourself there is so much to enter, we can need every help we can get
    if you don't want to add pictures no probem, text is enough, in a few days i will make a big picture session and get tons of screenshots and pictures for wiki pages that still dont have a picture attached to them.

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    You've got a start on Perks here: http://warlockmota.wikia.com/wiki/Unit_Perks

    However, that page does not appear to be linked anywhere from the main Wiki page. You should probably set a "Perks" Content link on the main page, as well as adding links to the page from the Units, buildings, and spell pages.

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    I have started a thread to try to gather info for the wikia using Google Document Forms


    If you wish to add a for just post there and I'll edit it into the first post as long as you provide a link to the form AND it's results page, as one without the other is useless

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    Added two religious units.
    I figured as they are different for each race that I add them to the already existing unit types to the different races. But I am not sure if it wouldn't be better to create a extra "religious unit" entry for them as otherwise "fighter" becomes rather crowded.

    Btw. I don't know exactly how wikia works, but can you make some more templates? That would help.

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    I added a spell combos page yesterday because I was looking for the info myself. I'm happy to see others adding on to it

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    I suck at editing and I found a Spell Combo that doesn't quite fit the format.

    If you cast Nature Regeneration on a Werewolf you get the Combo message and instead of the normal 15 regeneration buff your werewolf gets a 30 regeneration buff.

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