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Thread: META THREAD: Warlock Wishlist - Post ALL your Suggestions here...

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    bunch of things in no particular order..

    - city spamming shouldn't be the mandatory strategy.

    - ai melee monsters that are sitting on their homes don't advance when they are attacked by your missile dudes. they just sit their and get pinged to death. i imagine the devs did this because they don't want the monsters to abandon their home so it can be looted. solution is to make the home un-lootable until the last spawn of monsters from it has been destroyed, and then have the melee monsters rush any missile units that attack them.

    - selecting a unit through the side bar should centre the screen on it. same goes for when the ai selects a unit. currently as long as it is on the screen it won't move the camera over it.

    - on the ai's turn, the big block that appears in the centre top part of the screen indicating whose turn it is - this should be moved so it isn't in the way of the action. maybe bottom left corner.

    - more info on special terrain. maybe right clicking to bring it up; similar to unit descriptions. ie.. right clicking on the iron mine would show you that a foundry could be built on it, which in turn would provide master armor (or whatever it's called), which provides added melee and missile resistance.

    - more info on regular terrain with respect to movement penalties and attack/defense modifiers.

    - water tiles could use a bit more city building options.

    - kingdom tab of some sort which summarizes your total empire's cities and units.

    - missile units feel more powerful than melee units overall. maybe buffing melee hp or reducing melee damage just a notch.

    - having units enter shallow water end all movement and putting them in a 10 hp boat is nasty. it's great for weenies but terribad for high tier units. maybe i'm missing something in terms of transporting units through water, but if not - boats for this purpose need more hp. afterall, they aren't row boats.

    - heroes would be a cool addition albeit kinda cliche. purchasable from building upgrades. they could affect friendly units in surrounding hexes and provide various combat support roles. or perhaps they could join a unit and share the same hex, increasing the troops stats in various ways based on the hero.

    - spells that modify terrain.

    - limit the # of buffs that can go on one unit.

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    Make us able to disable victory conditions!

    Better diplomacy system, more depth.

    Make the AI a little bit less aggressive, they're starting war all the freakin time!

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    The biggest issue is city spamming.

    The easiest way to stop city spam is to increase the overhead cost of founding a new city. So something like charging the player X amount of Food (or mana for undead) and X amount of gold in order to actually found the city would be a nice deterrent. Maybe increase the cost of founding another city by 50% for each city created/owned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by syzygy23 View Post
    The biggest issue is city spamming.

    The easiest way to stop city spam is to increase the overhead cost of founding a new city.
    or play on impossible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raw View Post
    or play on impossible.
    Playing on impossible doesn't eliminate the need to spam cities. Actually it does the opposite - you must spam cities to keep up with the AI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PawelS View Post
    Playing on impossible doesn't eliminate the need to spam cities. Actually it does the opposite - you must spam cities to keep up with the AI.
    It doesn't eliminate the need but it makes it very hard to do. The fun part is that the AI also has trouble spamming them.

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    Indication of city's race on the city view - if you capture a 1 point city it can take a bit of working out.

    Show the number of buildings in city view - so when you capture you can see how many you will get quickly.

    City enhancement on the main map - so you can see which ones have them when you are considering casting one.

    Some units that cost mana or food to recruit.

    Turn processing message to not obscure action - half the time when it "centres" on a combat at least half the combat can't be seen because it is covered by the turn processing message. Move the message to bottom left - where the unit selected is normal shown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nanogasm View Post
    - on the ai's turn, the big block that appears in the centre top part of the screen indicating whose turn it is - this should be moved so it isn't in the way of the action. maybe bottom left corner.
    Yes, this! There were other good suggestions in that post, but this one is the most important for me.

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    1) High score end screen.
    2) MP
    3) Cities overview

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    I've only played about 3-4 hours so far, so I'm not ready to suggest big features, but there are a few little things that should be done:

    1) I don't want to have to click on the button on the right hand side of the screen to go to the next spot on my "to do list". Similar to civ 5, it should automatically cycle to the next thing of the list. For example, at the start of my turn, it should automatically prompt me to choose my next spell to research. Then it should ask what buildings to build. And then it should cycle through the idle units.
    2) I'd like to tell a unit to do nothing, so I may take him off the "to do list".
    3) When I sign a peace treaty with an AI, he attacks my units on his turn, then my turn arrives and the peace treaty comes into effect. It annoys me, is all.
    4) I think the problem with city spam is that there is no terrible place to build a city. There are excellent places to build cities (near strategic resources), and there are good places to build cities (anywhere else with land-based hexes). The excellent places obviously give you access to advanced units and perks, whereas every other place can be used at the very least to massively produce gold, food, mana, or research. What I am trying to say is that there is no penalty to founding cities: they all grow at the same rate. In civ 5 , city placement is very important because some it is the city's worked tiles that determine its success in terms of growth rate, gold and production.
    6) I think it would be beneficial to gameplay to allow players to level up their wizard based on how much mana they have channeled through spells. At each level up, the player can choose a new attribute for their wizard, but not the kind found in character creation, except for decreased cast time and increased spell damage. Additional attributes can include increasing the level of summoned units, access to esoteric spells meant only for hardcore wizards (ie granting that wizard exclusive access to research some additional spells), new perks to grant your caster units. For example, the first level up comes after channeling 1000 mana, the second after channeling 3000 mana, etc. This is to encourage some players to try to win the game by a more magical approach, sacrificing unit production for mana and research production, and rewarding them for it.

    My first impression of the game is that the combat system is rock solid. Diplomacy meets minimal requirement, but is shallow. City building and unlocking units through a city building tree is solid.

    My initial opinion is that I wish players were only allowed to build settlers for their initial race, as a way of keeping different players unique.

    After putting more hours into the game, I'll give more suggestions to improve diplomacy, increase the uniqueness of each player, new spell ideas, ways for the gods to interfere in player's disputes, a wizard having a champion (hero) fight for him, and casting a spell to resurrect him when he dies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raw View Post
    or play on impossible.
    Balance of core mechanics shouldn't be relegated to a specific difficulty level. Besides, even on impossible the AI would have to follow the rules, which keeps the playing field level either way.

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    My biggest wish so far would be user interface improvements, like faster scrolling and a lot of hotkeys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sagji
    Indication of city's race on the city view - if you capture a 1 point city it can take a bit of working out.
    There is an indication, in the bottom left corner.

    Quote Originally Posted by sagji
    Some units that cost mana or food to recruit.
    In case of food this is impossible in the current system, because food is not accumulated, and any surplus is converted to gold. In case of mana, there are summons.

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    I really like this game, loving every minute of it!
    Some minor suggestions:

    a) Currently the God quests don't seem much different from normal quests (they do reward-wise but the announcement is the same). Some minor changes here would greatly increase the immersion. For example, in case a God quests pops up, instead of the default "Someone humbly asks for aid" the announcement could be "A Divine entity demands your attention my Lord!"
    The same logic could be followed after completing such a quest, instead of the normal dialog, make it a bit more fancy and add sound "You have gained the favor of Dauros my Lord!"
    Just small changes to emphasize that they are different from normal quests.

    b) It would be nice to have an in-game wiki/tree to see exactly what is needed to get certain units, what the effect is of certain resources etc.

    c) Destroying a mage's capital wins the game: Here I preferred the system used in Master of Magic. When a capital was destroyed, the mage in question would be banished. During banishment the mage cannot cast any spells anymore and all mana is used to cast the 'spell of return' which takes a very long time to cast. The mage still has control over his/her units.

    d) In line with the above, it should then be possible to move the capital i.e. designate another city as capital. This would off course require several turns, the capital can only be a city of certain size etc.

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    I always assumed that reason for capitol elimination was to speed up late conquest game. And as well to make preveneting AI finish by Unity easier.

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    I would like an option to import custom great mage portraits, please.

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    Here are a few suggestions:

    #1 - More 'Right-Click' Tool Tips & Extra information

    * As with units, right-lick on a resource node or building should provide information about it
    * Include the building/node required in order to build a unit

    #2 - Mana Management & 'Casting Skill'

    * As in MOM, it would be interesting to be able to manage mana. Either have it focused to the mana pool, help with research.
    * It would be interesting to see MOM's Casting Skill make an appearance. Each level gained in Casting Skill gives you a slight bonus to casting time (with diminishing returns obviously) Raising the casting skill would be done by investing mana points into it.

    #3 - More terrain dependent buildings & Racial Flavor

    * Dependent on faction chosen, it would be nice to see that certain buildings would gain a slight bonus when built on certain tiles. (For example Farms, Humans = Grassland/Plains, Undead = Swamps, Monsters = Hills (or whatever suitable terrain))

    #4 - More ways to impact population growth

    * Buildings that increase population growth at expense of resources (food, mana or gold)
    * Include Tax Rate Mechanic, More Taxes / Less Pop Growth. Less Taxes / More Pop growth.

    #5 Engineers / Laborers

    * Ability to construct Roads to increase movement speed in between cities. (Although with careful planning you can use buildings to create 'roads')
    * Ability to modify terrain to increase bonuses. (Build farms on plains, build mines on hills)
    * Ability to erect outposts to expand a cities boundaries. (to reach a nearby node)
    * Ability to upgrade/improve existing buildings. (Could be consumed after task is complete)

    #6 - Additional Settings

    Game Length/Pace (Short, Normal, Long, Epic)

    * Increase/ Decrease population growth rate
    * Increase/Decrease research time for spells
    * Increase/Decrease time required to build buildings

    Magic Strength

    * Increase/Decrease damage from spells

    #7 - Down the road

    It would be nice to see some race specific spells make an appearance, that or a more defined school of magic system. (akin to your god exclusive spells) Perhaps allow all 3 factions to access a core set of spells all together, but each race has the ability to erect a special library/laboratory/research facility to unlock higher tiers of magic of their 'faction'. I really loved MOM's approach to magic, with requiring us to make decisions as to what type of magic we would have access to.

    That's about it for now, I'll update as more ideas come up.
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    My wishlist :

    1. Certain themes for alternate dimension pockets

    At present, I have encountered two alternate dimensions (all purple land and Ainadra). But these two have similar monsters and bonuses. I think it will be more exciting to create theme for each dimensions. For example, Ainadra is the home of Elves. Thus, only at Ainadra players can build the Elven special buildings. The monsters there is nature-themed, with some twist here and there. The other will be hellish dimension, with lots of Imps, Demons and so on to fight. The resources are demon-related (can build demonic unit, increase mana but reducing food etc). The others are elemental plane (one for each element) with lesser, normal and greater elementals to fight. The reward will be rare metals and elemental node.

    2. Left-click to select, right-click to move.

    This left/left scheme make me accidentally move a unit, while I was intending to select another. Please make it left/right, and double right clicks to open pop up info window.

    3. In-game pedia, please!

    Since there are many possible buildings (even each race have their own unique ones), perks, etc, I think in-game pedia is necessary.

    4. More info on build order

    Right-clicking on a building in city build order should provide detail information on unit statistic or perk information produced by the building.

    5. More options for player

    5. a. Victory condition options
    5. b. More starting game options : start in another plane, custom picture for player's Great Mage, more Great Mage's perks to choose from, more starting spells, choose enemy Great Mages, etc.
    5. c. More world option : choose which dimensions exist in a game (will be important if there are themes for each dimension), lack/balanced/plenty resources in prime plane, density of monsters, density of neutral city, etc

    Overall, a great game. My highest compliments to InoCo as developers!

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    1) Better diplomacy, especially for MP
    2) Absolutely no hero units, it always ends up in a fray of imbalancing disaster for MP. Or at the very least an option to not have them included in MP.
    3) Undead basic units and advanced units seems terribly imbalanced against any higher tier neutral units that have high resistance to melee, ranged, elemental and is completely immune to death magic. Why would an elemental be immune to death magic but only have a high resistance to elemental magic? (I haven't played through with other races to know enough about them on higher difficulties)
    4) Cooldown on spells after a succesfull cast, maybe 5 turns before that certain spell can be cast again. As it stands now the AI interrupts every spell that doesn't cast in 1 turn. Impossible to get a decent AOE spell off since Counterspell takes 1 turn, doesn't have a cooldown and every AoE takes at least 2 turns.
    5) Ranged units need a nerf, as it stands now I bare have more than 1 or 2 melee units in the later games as Caster units seem very very very powerfull.
    6) The spells that you can choose as the start kinda needs to be unique, so you can only gain them by choosing them there. As I play the game right now the perks are much more powerfull than the gain you get from choosing a lesser heal (that you can easily research later) - There is no advantage to having the lesser heal, it only fills up a spot if I have left over points.

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    I'd love it if this bug was investigated and fixed - not knowing anything about the codebase, it still looks like an easy one to fix.

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