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Thread: Mechanics Behind Population Growth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagda View Post
    I can't put into words how much I hate fixed growth. Dumbing down things to make it simple is one thing; dumbing down that things that negatively affect gameplay is another thing entirely and is in no way fun.
    Dumbed down from what? There's no prior game in the series.
    They were designing a new game and picked a simple population growth mechanic to control the rate of improvements. It avoids having to micromanage cities, which would get horribly tedious late game. Being able to focus on the military part of the game is nice.

    I see room for improvements, but I'd rather have the game stay like that than become a micromanagement nightmare.

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    How would you prefer to see it? Based on empire food production or city food production? Undead would have a huge disadvantage here vs monsters with all their + food % buildings. For balance and veriety, a fixed rate seems the best. Yes, this could be countered with the "then why not make just one race"-argument and this way you can make the races more different with hindering one in a very elementary field.
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    I don't see it as "dumbing-down" so much as favoring a design that leads to many faster turns over fewer longer ones. Since (as I see it) a large portion of the game is unit manipulation, having many rapid turns bolsters that aspect.
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    The simple thing would be create a modifier for the city food production if it is in the positive.

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    Except that would a) kill the strategy of having one or two cities specialise in food to supply the others and b) have to balance around the risk of cities that produce a heavy surplus (I once had a city with 80 odd food production) providing runaway growth.

    In any event it begs the question what variable population growth is meant to be adding to the game except something to micro. I tend to the view that the theme of warlock is bringing order to Ardania (pushing back the monsters and those who don't recognise your enlightened rule) rather than building a civilisation. There are other games that fill the latter niche.

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