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Thread: cool interview- and yes a muslim/pagan dlc may be in the works!

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    RPS article

    My apologies if this has already been posted anywhere. I was procrastinating on Rock Paper Shotgun and came across this interview on everyone's favorite game:


    It leaves me optimistic about where the game's headed! (Not that I was in any doubt ofc)
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    cool interview- and yes a muslim/pagan dlc may be in the works!


    you probably all already know about this but it was new to me!

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    Doomdark does interview well. I will forgive him for not mentioning my mod.

    They apparently have a lot more that they would like to do with the game, which is great.

    I do hope that they allow us to move forward in time with CK2, at least into the Renaissance and maybe a bit further.

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