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Thread: Demolishing buildings

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    Demolishing buildings

    Is it possible to demolish a building once built? I remember in the demo there was a greyed-out button under the building list which did nothing, and now in the release there's no button there at all. I've noticed you can click on a building icons and they grey out and the building releases a puff of smoke and a crash noise, but next turn the building is still there, draining resources. Is there any way to demolish a building without razing the entire town?

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    I'm not sure you can anymore, but you can turn them off. Just go into city view and click the building icon on the map. The icon will grey out and you get the upkeep costs back.

    Are you saying you don't get your upkeep costs back?

    Ok I see the issue, next turn the building is back on.

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    The button to demolish buildings was there in the 28-March version (build 22) of the Beta, but it was non-functional (greyed out).

    The button disappeared in the 3-May version (build 25) of the Beta, and it is not present in the 8-May release version, although it is displayed in the manual (see p. 10).

    At the moment, nobody seems to know how to proceed in order to demolish a building (within a city).

    A dev could tell us what kind of technical issue was involved with that function.

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    Late game exploits maybe?

    By demolishing 3-4 buildings and rebuilding something else, you can refocus late game city drastically in 10 or so turns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by player1 fanatic View Post
    Late game exploits maybe?

    By demolishing 3-4 buildings and rebuilding something else, you can refocus late game city drastically in 10 or so turns.
    Maybe, but you could just destroy the whole city and start over for that city.

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    Starting a new city wouldn't keep your population, though. If you demolished three cities in your capital late in the game, you could make three new cities one after the other instead of having to wait for your population to increase like at the start of the game.

    I'm not sure why that's a bad thing, though.

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    Turning buildings off leads to much greater exploits : most military buildings are used 1 turn out of 20, or something liek that. The only thing preventing us to do this is how boring it is to micromanage this every turn (as they are turned backed on every turn).

    I'd rather have the option to demolish buildings. If "exploit" is the issue, it could easily have a very long "building" time, like 10 turns to demolish a building, and/or no demolish allowed on special resources buildings.

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    There's a spell that destroys buildings. I haven't tried to use it on one of my own buildings though. The AI sometimes really likes to use it, I've seen one AI just sit there and destroy every single building another AI would build, his entire domain was just wreckage.

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    A spell that destroys buildings! I researched the tree to empty, and never saw such. Was it a god linked spell? If so, do you remember which god it was linked to?
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    The destroy building spell only destroys enemy buildings. Its incredibly handy for taking out forts. But you can not use it against your own buildings. Would be nice to remove a building as my diety of choice is demanding I build him a temple that I already went through the trouble of building or incur his wrath.

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    I could also see it being useful when you want to repurpose a resource node in a city you are about to capture. Order of the Donkey, I'm looking at you. Is it a divine spell?
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    The building destroyer spell is linked to Helios (sp.?), the God of the sun. I haven't tested it on my own buildings yet (too busy casting meta-teleportation), but by the sounds of it, it only works on enemy cities, which sucks, because it takes 2 turns to cast (1 turn with Agile Mind), and 40 mana, to destroy a building, which I think is worth it.

    But it should be fine to demolish buildings for a significant cost of gold (to 'bribe' the people out of their livelihood), and take a sizable amount of time to do (to prevent insta tech swapping). I can't see anything *too* gamey from that...

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