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Thread: Forgotten Nations Mod

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    Forgotten Nations Mod
    For Vicky2 vanilla 1.3

    Paradox Interactive did a great job of including hundreds of the many nations of the Victorian era but no one person, or even a company, can remember to include them all. This mod aims to include as many of those forgotten nations as possible, in an effort to give people a little extra historical flavour when playing Victoria II.

    Historical Accuracy
    The Forgotten Nations mod aims to be as historically accurate as possible. However I cannot, and do not claim that it is 100% accurate. This arises because often there will be multiple sources saying different things about the same place and you just have to choose one of them to go off. The same goes for flags, especially for those belonging to the historical pre-colonial African states as its hard to find accurate flags for nations that, for all we know, perhaps didn't have any concept of a flag.

    The Forgotten Nations mod features over twenty new nations, ranging from Samoa to the Roman Republic, and the Yucatan. The mod also brings in two new cultures, the Maldivian Dhivehi's and the Welsh, and a whole host of new events and decisions relating to the new nations. Not to mention that it also includes many changes to vanilla nation conditions, to better fit historical conditions.

    Aotearoa, Banjar, Benin, Fiji, Genoa, Kandy, Lanfang Republic, the Maldives, Massa, Niue, Oyo, Rarotonga, Republic of Sonora, Republic of the Yucatan, Roman Republic, Ryukyu, Samoa, Sicily, Soviet Union, Tonga, Tuvan, Wales and Yogyakarta.

    Italic: Independent at game start
    Bold: Created/cores added by event(s).


    The proclamation of the Kingdom of Rarotonga. Please ignore the date, for the purpose of this screenshots the event was fired manually.

    Expelling the missionaries from Fiji.

    Overview of the Maldives, highlighting their new culture.

    Map of the new pacific nations at the games beginning.

    The Soviet Union comes to power. Please ignore the date, for the purpose of this screenshots the event was fired manually.

    Indonesia/Borneo at game start.

    This mod works with patch 1.3, and it should work with patch 1.4 (if anyone can confirm this, that'd be great)

    Where do I get it?
    Version 0.6c
    Version 0.6c can be found downloaded here

    Future Versions
    As this is only version 0.6c, I will be expanding this mod a ton in the coming weeks/months. These are some of my ideas that I will be adding.

    • The Republic of Rio Grande (North America) as a possible revolter.
    • The Juliana Republic (South America) as a possible revolter.
    • Representing the Second Seminole War as a rebellion at the games start.
    • Adding the rest of the pre-colonial African states.

    And much more.

    Suggesting A Nation
    If you've found a real, historical nation that existed during the Victoria II timeframe, then I urge you to let me know about it so I can add it into this mod. Please note that I am aware of but can't do the following nations, because they are so small (some only a few miles across) it would require for me to create new provinces, and I have no wish to mess around with that.

    • Samos, Principality of
    • Lichtenstein, Principality of
    • Tavolara, Kingdom of
    • Andorra, Principality of
    • San Marino, The Most Serene Republic Of
    • Monaco, Principality of
    • Cospaia, Republic of
    • Perloja, Republic of
    • Goust, Republic of
    • Indian Stream, Republic of
    • Manitobah, Republic of
    • Rough and Ready, Republic of
    • Lo, Kingdom of
    • Madawaska, Republic of
    • Principality of, Trinidad
    • Los Altos, Republic of

    Version 0.1
    - Dhivehi culture added.
    - Maldives added.
    - Fiji added.
    - Tonga added.
    - Niue added.
    - Genoa added as revolter.
    - Aotearoa added as revolter.

    Version 0.2
    - Event to create Rarotonga added (Rarotonga added).
    - Expel the missionaries descision added.
    - Republic of the Yucatan added.
    - Sicily added as revolter.
    - Republic of Sonora added as revolter..

    Version 0.3
    - Welsh culture added.
    - Wales added as revolter.
    - Event to create Soviet Union upon successful communist revolution in Russia added (Soviet Union added).
    - Event to create Tuvan upon successful communist revolution in Russia added (Tuvan added)
    - Republic of the Yucatan added as revolter.
    - Massa added as revolter.
    - Event to return Soviet Union to Russian Empire upon successful monarchist revolution in Soviet Union added.

    Version 0.5 [BETA]
    - Finland freed as a Russian satellite.
    - Serbia made an Ottoman satellite.
    - Error with Fijian capital corrected.
    - Benin added.
    - Oyo Empire added.
    - Ryukyu added.
    - Unique flags for Wales when monarchy and when communist added.
    - Errors with Tongan and Niuean capitals corrected.

    Version 0.5 [Complete]
    - Samoa added.
    - Banjar added.
    - Yogyakarta added.
    - Oyo Empire renamed to Oyo.
    - Oyo Empire flags added.
    - Error where Tongan military started the game in South America corrected.
    - Recoloured Fiji.
    - China renamed to Qing Dynasty when monarchy (will return to using China if it becomes any other government form).
    - Roman Republic event chain added.
    - Ryukyu event chain added.
    - National religions of Tonga, Niue and Fiji changed from Protestant to Animist.
    - Primary culture of Aotearoa changed from British to Maori.
    - New flags added for each government form for Benin.
    - New flags added for each government form for Ryukyu.
    - New republic flag for China added.
    - Egypt added to Ottoman Empire sphere of influence and alliance been the two created.

    Version 0.6
    - Added new, more historic flag set for Banjar.
    - Added new flag set for Maldives.
    - Added the Lanfang Republic.
    - Tuvan renamed to Tannu Tuvan when a proletarian dictatorship, with the name Tuvan to be used all other government forms.
    - Added Kandy as a revolter.
    - Recoloured Prussia.
    - Recoloured Ryukyu.

    Version 0.6c
    - Fixed error where Lanfang started with a massive army located in the middle of China.
    - Fixed error where Banjar started with an army located in Brunei.
    - Fixed error where Union Tag statuses for Italy and Russia were broken.
    - Recoloured the Republic of the Sonora.

    Credit for the flags of Benin, Oyo, the Maldives and Ryukyu goes to Magc8Ball, and his Complete EU3 Nations Flagpack.
    Credit for the monarchy and communist flags of Wales goes to Claymore1.

    All other parts of the mod were done by me.
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    That's a nice idea for a mod. Could you post some screenshots?

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    Not sure if you're aware of the New Nations Mod-- seems like your plans are roughly the same, though with a few different nations. Not that this is an issue, of course. The more, the merrier (and your mod is for 1.4, anyhow).

    Are you okay with NNM possibly using some of your stuff, adapting it for AHD (with appropriate credit given)?

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    No one remembers Tannu Tuva


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    I do know of the New Nations Mod, however like you mentioned its for AHD. Your welcome (and I'd be honoured) for you to use some of this mod in that, just please include credit. Thanks!

    Very little changes physically on the map, but sure. I'll do it today.

    Do you mean the Tuvan People's Republic?

    I will surely include it when/if I mod in the Soviet Union so that it can possibly form.

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    I've updated the first post with version 0.2, and screenshots.

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    I like the idea of the mod. However, could you release NNM compatible versions (e.g. Rio Grande is in NMM)?

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    wwww - I don't understand how two mods can be compatible to each other?

    But yes, I will add Rio Grande. But my next big addition, before then, is the whole Soviet Union and an event chain for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anjwalker View Post
    wwww - I don't understand how two mods can be compatible to each other?

    But yes, I will add Rio Grande. But my next big addition, before then, is the whole Soviet Union and an event chain for that.
    I mean, I'm pretty sure Rio Grande and Yucatan, are in NNM. I'm assuming the version present in this mod overwrites that.

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    NNM has no official relation with the Forgotten Nations Mod. Rylock just asked to use some of the nations in this in NNM. NNM is for AHD, this is for vanilla etc.


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    Ah, okay thanks. Peace.

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    Updated first post with version 0.3, which includes the Soviet Union and Tuva/Tuvan.

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    Araucania; the greatest country ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncm View Post
    Araucania; the greatest country ever.
    I like the idea. I'm working on 1): Event chain for possibly creating the Roman Republic, and 2): The various forgotten African states, right now but I might include Araucania eventually.

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    Kingdom of uvea.
    kingdom of sigave
    kingdom of alo
    Kingdom of taiohue
    Kingdom of tahuata
    Kingdom of Tahiti
    Kingdom of mangareva
    Kingdom of Rapa Iti
    Kingdom of raiatea
    Kingdom of huahine
    Kingdom of Rapu nui (easter island)
    Kingdom of rarutu
    Kingdom of samoa
    Kingdom of tuamotu
    Kingdom of Bora Bora

    This is a list of former kingdoms in oceania

    Kingdom of ryukyu
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    San Marino

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    Thanks for the input Claymore, though you could have put all those in a single post instead of needlessly spamming.

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    sorry about spamming ,
    if you search up monechies of oceania it gives you a lot of information on all the kingdoms
    also how do you plan on representing the 2nd seminole war
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    [QUOTE=Claymore1;13886477]sorry about spamming ,

    also how do you plan on representing the 2nd seminole war,

    I can help research for you if you need any help

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