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Thread: Warlock: Master of the Arcane Beginners guide Released!

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    Warlock: Master of the Arcane Beginners guide Released!

    Hi there!

    We are happy to release a Beginners Guide for Warlock: Master of the Arcane!

    Packed with some basic information about the factors that affect gameplay,
    its a must read for beginners and potential newcomers alike
    Please remember this is a beginner’s guide, so strategies are NOT included.

    If you have any comments or suggestions for future information you'd like to see,
    please feel free to add them here and we will see if these can be added in a future update!

    Download the Warlock:Master of the Arcane Beginners Guide here:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Warlock Master of the Arcane - Beginners Guide.pdf
Views:	30215
Size:	6.66 MB
ID:	53810

    This guide should be used as a supplement to the Game Manual, which be downloaded here:

    Check out the Warlock: Master of the Ardance Video Tutorial here:

    And donīt forget to check out:
    This is A-R-D-A-N-I-A! - A Warlock: Master of the Arcane AAR:

    Try the Warlock:Master of the Arcane demo here:

    Read more:
    Web page: http://www.warlockmasterofthearcane.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WarlockMasteroftheArcane
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/Warlockthegame
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    nice one !
    Though playing the demo a few times I still found some interesting things in it!
    Nice, looking forward to the release tomorrow !!

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    Great guide, but just one minor quibble.

    Page 38 - Combat factors
    It says that the Attackers attackvalue is reduced with 25% due to being in the woods. But isn't the attackvalues just split in two, a melee and a 'magic' attack? Besides the werewolf seems to have a +25% attack in forest and should attack full power (which it seems to do if the the two attack values are added)?

    Oh, and if this is expanded in the manual I'd happily wait until tomorrow and read up on it
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    Weak manual.Just what does a non aggression or alliance pact mean in gameplay terms.What is different in gameplay terms about the difficulty levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashbery76 View Post
    Weak manual.Just what does a non aggression or alliance pact mean in gameplay terms.What is different in gameplay terms about the difficulty levels.
    Sorry you didnt find it useful. Is the Beginners Guide any more useful?
    If you'd like for me to expand the non-aggression and alliance pact features, it can certainly be added in an update.

    Is there anything else that anyone wants to see in the guide?

    Though please remember its there to provide assistance in terms of understanding how to play. Not "tell" how to beat the game!
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    I like the guide. I might have missed it, but what exactly is changed for each difficulty level. I have noticed on impossible the AI seems to have more units.

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    I would like to see a small summery of the the races (what set's the 3 races apart from each other as an example).
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    explanation of the perks ...

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    Building list, resource node list, spell list please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JWSIII View Post
    Building list, resource node list, spell list please.
    Keep in mind this is a beginner's guide, it's meant to help players understand the basics of the game so they know what they're doing when they first begin. An extensive list of everything in the game would be overwhelming without teaching the basics, either. It's the sort of thing for an advanced guide or more likely for a wiki.

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    I agree with others that explaining differences in difficulty level and the 3 main races is needed.

    Aside from that not sure what else to add. You could maybe go more in depth about the 4 victory conditions an how best to achieve them. Also I noticed in the Gods section Krolm is spelled "Kolm" lol

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    I haven't read the beginner guide yet fully, but one thing that annoys me like hell is that it resize my acrobat reader window everytime I open the guide.
    This really sucks as I usually have my windows set to fit two letter pages. Seems the pdf was saved with a setting that force a window size of 100% zoom of the cover page. I would be glad if you could get rid of any custom settings and recompile the pdf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hadberz View Post
    I like the guide. I might have missed it, but what exactly is changed for each difficulty level. I have noticed on impossible the AI seems to have more units.
    I, too, like the guide. It is a beginner's guide, so as I read through it I thought how great it would be to have more details (such as: movement cost of tiles; spell listings; building costs, units and abilities/stats).

    An Intermediate Guide jumps to mind. One that gives more in-depth stat details for much of the game. The Beginner's guide is good, but I would still like to know how much movement a swamp is, or what armor upgrades do to my warriors (what stat bonus). Basically, I would love to see a lot of the inner-working numbers that are used by the game.

    Thank you, though, for the Beginner's Guide. That was nice of you to do. An Intermediate Guide would only add to the depth of understanding about the game's inner-workings.

    By the way, after several demo attempts and 3 quick playthroughs today, and all I can keep thinking is, "These guys have a gem on their hands!"

    THANK YOU!!!

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    To be frank, the guide contained a lot of the information I would expect to find in the game manual. I'm very glad it was created, as the manual (as it exists at the moment with "WORK IN PROGRESS" on many of the images) doesn't have the explanation of game mechanics I'd expect.

    So- I like the guide and I'm letting you know! I would like it more with a list of terrain movement costs and special resource nodes should it get an update.

    PS: I'm also really enjoying the game, and haven't had any crashes or whatnot. This game certainly is a plus for Paradox's reputation as a publisher.
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    The guide was useless to me.

    I wish it had mentioned; (1) what impacts populations growth in each city, and related to this (2) do individual city food levels have an impact or is it just one big pot of food.

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    I don't know how Paradox views the Manual and Beginner's Guide from an update standpoint- If Ino-Co or P'dox is responsible for maintaining current versions. If P'dox does update the Guide, it should prob not state that units gain HP on level up (they don't in the release version). Also, terrain tile movement costs would be great in an appendix. I don't know if a spells codex fits with the idea of a Beginner's Guide, however.

    Also, Steam was distributing an incomplete version of the Game Manual on release. The version on P'dox's website is much better, so who would need to swap them? Trying to learn a game and seeing "Work In Progress" emblazoned across the game manual images is a bad and unfair first impression.
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    Thanks for this, it helped me out a lot when I was learning the game.

    Only thing that was unclear was city borders - I wasn't sure if they would expand like in civ, or it capitals were always 2 and other cities stuck at 1.

    Other then that good stuff!

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    Game Manual link is broken.

    The guide looks fine by first glance. I would like to see this kind of information in Game Manual as it used to be the case a few years ago. Now you get a leaflet that explains interface at best.

    I would also like to see more in-depth information. For example explaining combat would be nice. The +% and -% (Terrain, City fighter...) is somewhat confusing. How much does moving over terrrain cost?

    Now to find the spell tree, how the game determiines what are the research options...

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    Research options for Arcane spells are pretty much random. We're working hard on the player-made wiki at warlockmota.wikia.com . Currently the Terrain Types page is being updated with movement costs and combat bonuses/penalties on terrain. We haven't got a page explaining Combat yet; that would make a good addition.

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    This guide gives more information than provided in the starting manual and therefore, is appreciated. I would like to see a more detailed guide soon. I am slightly disappointed at the lack of inclusion of a "civilopedia" mechanic within the game itself. Even repeated experience with the game cannot precisely determine all the information required to maximize strategy.

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