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Thread: [Forum Game] - World in Revolution: 1900

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacob-Lundgren View Post
    Your whole alliance has taken it upon themselves to snack upon the Russian Empire and you dare call the British warmongers? We are at war with an alliance that through its actions has brought about the destruction of 2 extremely vital naval passages, murdered the leader of a great nation, destroyed and bombarded whole regions and shut down whole coastal communities. The Germans and their alliance are responsible for derailing global trade, the deaths of millions of people and their actions directly and indirectly have led to this war.

    Anyone who would take word of the current Italian Government as vital information or important opinion to value would be a fool. Your people tried to savage the Ethiopians, tried to savage the Serbians and Greeks and took part in savaging the Balkans in general. The Italian government is now protesting their right to belong to a vicious warmongering alliance that has destroyed global peace and murdered millions without penalty. You dare to call others in an insulting tone?
    Yes we dare. The Kingdom of Italy has savaged no one. The actions in Ethiopia were the work of a few renegade officers. Our involvement in the Balkans was in response to the belligerent actions of the Serbs and Greeks.
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    Evidently, whilst the Italian Government dares to make such statements, they do not dare to invest in education or speech writing.
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    Friendly heads up - Now I'm GMing more nations, after this update I'm going to be enforcing Fry's 2 line rule as well.

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    I find it amusing by the Indians to make such provocative statements. Does the British allow their dominions to go around freely insulting other nations as so?

    I would like to warn that India, while not responsible of their own foreign affairs, should tread carefully, for your words reflect upon your mother nation. I suggest that the British rein in their Dominion, before their provocative words cause yet even more conflicts.

    In another note, we would like to remind the French nation of the oppression and actions of their own ally - Russia. The Russians have forever treated their ethnic minorities as lesser subjects, such as our brother Finns who await their liberation from the tyranny that rules them each day. While I shall not say more, I do feel required out to point out the irony and the hypocrisy of such statements.

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    Agreement of Non-Intervention

    1) The Kingdom of Greece guarantees its Neutrality to the German Empire under said conditions:

    a) In case of Italian Entry of the War the German Empire is fighting against the United Kingdom, or the War it is fighting against the Franco-Russian Alliance, the Kingdom of Greece is given the right to seize the City of Vlores and its surroundings in order to maintain its Neutrality for the time of the Hostilities.
    b) In case of War Entry by the Ottoman Empire, on the side of the Central Powers, the Kingdom of Greece retains its right to realign itself.
    c) In Case of a Declaration of War or the War-Entry of a Nation Greece is bound to by a treaty of Alliance signed before this Document, the Kingdom of Greece maintains the right to realign itself.
    d) The German Empire is granted the right to station a garrison within the Kingdom of Greece, to safeguard its neutrality.
    e) The German Empire takes full responsibility and will pay compensation in the case that the Armed forces of itself or its Allies make damage or create an Incident.
    f) The Armies stationed by the German Empire and its Allies will be made up of forces of the Kingdom of Romania and the German Empire.
    g) The size of said forces is not to exceed 10,000 men.
    h) The Capital of the Kingdom of Greece, the city of Athens will not be entered by said forces, unless the Kingdom of Greece grants a special permission.

    2) The Kingdom of Serbia guarantees its Neutrality to the German Empire under said conditions:

    a) Serbia shall allow the Central Powers to station a garrison of equal size to the Serbian army in Serbia to guarantee Serbian neutrality in the Great War.
    b) This garrison shall be 90% Romanian, 10% German.
    c) The Garrison shall keep out of major Serbian and Albanian settlements as much as possible, and be paid for solely by the Central Powers.
    d) The Garrison troops shall not be allowed to enter the Serbian capital, and must keep a distance of at least thirty kilometres at a minimum.
    e) The Central Powers shall reduce the amount of military stationed on the Serbian border.
    f) Each unit of the aforementioned garrison shall have Serbian inspectors accompany them to observe their actions.
    g) Montenegro shall be allowed to unify with Serbia if it wishes.
    h) Bulgaria renounces any and all claims to Serbian territory that they might have had.

    This treaty is void if:
    The garrison fails to treat the population of Serbia with respect.
    The garrison conducts theft or uses violence against the population of Serbia.
    Any of the conditions therein are violated by the Central Powers.
    The garrison units behaves badly.
    The Central Powers attempts to have it modified through threats.
    The garrison initiates conflict with any other party on Serbian soil. Foreign troops violating Serbian neutrality will be considered to have initiated conflict.

    [X] Wilhelm II, His Imperial and Royal Majesty The German Emperor, King of Prussia.
    [X] Carol I, King of the Romanians
    [] George I, King of the Hellenes
    [X] Alexander I, King of Serbia
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    OOC: Well, considering he's at war with the larger part of the world, I'm not surprised.
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    OOC: I know, do you see the sheer length of that treaty? Paranoia if you ask me... Seriously, they are very, very afraid!

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    Agreement of Non-Intervention
    [X] Alexander I, King of Serbia

    Furthermore, with our neutrality now guaranteed, we hereby announce that Serbia shall DEMOBILISE. However, we shall keep a watch regardless, to safeguard our neutrality. We will not accept it being violated.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hyo View Post
    OOC: I know, do you see the sheer length of that treaty? Paranoia if you ask me... Seriously, they are very, very afraid!
    OOC: Eh, 'tis nothing. I type up long treaties easy-peasy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agreement of non-intervention
    [x] Signed, Carol I of Romania
    We will safeguard our Balkan Brothers from Allied or Entente Aggression. Romanian soldiers will conduct themselves honorably and shall submit to Serbian military authorities should their integerity come into question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reis91 View Post
    The Italian government, who used brutal repression against labor strikes in Northern Italy some years ago, the Italian Government who found it fun to slaughter Ethiopians without any kind of provocation, the Italian government who send hundreds of thousands of Italians to fight and die in a pointless war in the Balkans, the Italian government who is still stuck in the 19th century. And, last, but not the least, the Italian government which does not serve the interests of the Italians, placing them below the interests of the Austrians. The Italian government who rejected economic aid from the Entente and the Alliance, to alleviate the plight of the Italians. The Italian government who is trading the materials used by the German and now Austrian industries in their quest for European domination.

    We demand that Italy dissociates themselves from the atrocities committed by the Central Powers in this war, by revoking all the diplomatic terms of the Central Powers treaties, and by enacting an immediate embargo on the nations at war on the side of the Central Powers.
    Ottoman Empire

    Generally, we find that insulting a nation does not bring it around to your viewpoint. Additionally, leaving half your navy at the bottom of other nation's canals does not improve relations.

    Our point is, if your state possessed the skills of diplomacy and negotiation, the world may not be in the current large mess.
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    OOC: LOL, the treaty does not include Bulgaria as a signatory despite it giving up claims.
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    OOC: Neither Montenegro
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    Montenegro will end up at war with the whole world somehow...
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    OOC: The entire world will become a Montenegrin colony
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    Agreement of Non-Intervention
    With our Neutrality secured, and the Treaty of Vlores signed, we can now DEMOBILISE our armed forces, as at the current state of affairs, mobilisiation is no longer required.

    [x] George I, King of the Hellenes
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    January - December 1904


    The United Kingdom embarks on an expansive naval plan, that, along with working with the Empire of Japan, is sure to expand the British Navy by wide margins, and ensure its dominance of the seas. Although the cost is large, the British feel that this is a necessary step to combat against the rising German threat. [-22,650 Gold from the UK. +3 Dreadnoughts to the UK in 3 turns. +4 Submarines to the UK in 3 turns. -12,850 Gold from Japan. +2 Submarines to Japan in 3 turns. +10 Large Ships to Japan in 3 turns.]

    A general blockade is set up around Norway, preventing any warships in the Area. Ships also enter the Mediterranean Sea, blocking all trade from entering into Italy and the Danubian Federation, which slows down their economy considerably. [-400 Base Income from Italy, the Danubian Federation, the German Empire, and Sweden because of Blockade.]

    The French Government starts to crank out Anti-German propaganda, aimed at trying to demoralise the Germans, and bolster the French Soldiers.

    Typical Propaganda put out by the French Republic.

    Training in Paris is underway for American, Spanish, and British Soldiers in Paris. The units obtain a better cohesion and are able to work together as one solid unit. This coincided with the transportation of a large chunk of the newly mobilised American forces over to Europe. [+1 Army Level to the USA. +1 Army Level to Spain. +1 Army Level to Britain. +1 Army Level to France.]

    In Elsass-Lothringen, a massive French assault is mobilised against the German fortifications. Over a million French, as well as hundreds of thousands of allied forces, enact a full-scale assault at the defenses, until quickly retreating back to their defenses. Expecting a German counter-charge, they are surprised when there is none, and the Germans remain inside their fortifications. The cost of just an initial assault along the front line cost the allies heavily. [-15,000 Conscripts from France. -5,000 Conscripts from the USA. -4,000 Conscripts from Spain. -3,000 Conscripts from the UK. -8,000 Regulars from Germany.]

    The University of Louvain in Belgium is set to research Afrikan diseases, and cures for them. No actual breakthrough is found, but some of the experts say that a breakthrough is close and might be possible soon.

    In Spain, the Spanish Army enters into a period of full mobilisation, gaining more soldiers to use for the upcoming war. [+350,000 Conscripts to Spain.]

    The Spanish Coast is locked down by the Spanish Navy, however a large storm passes through and sinks a few of the ships, after smashing them against some rocks. [-2 Small Ships from Spain.]

    The Spanish are excited to see their new submarine ready to be deployed. This new submarine has a glass bottoms so the new Spanish navy can get a really good look at the old Spanish navy. [+1 Submarine to Spain.]

    In France, soldiers from Spain arrive in Paris, ready to aide the French in their War against the Central Powers. Along with this, in Normandy British soldiers are unloaded to help with the War Effort, where they march to Paris, to help bolster the French defenses along their Northern Border.

    King Victor Emmanuel III tours the country, attempting to unify North and South. A general sense of unity is found against the new threat of the Allied and Entente Powers, bringing the country together. [+2 Stability to Italy.]

    In Sicily, the Mafia is rounded up by federal authorities and most are shot, while other are sent to jail. Sicily runs almost corruption-free after the raid, and thousands of dollars pour into the Italian Coffers that normally went to the Mafia. [+10,000 Gold to Italy. +1,200 Base Income to Italy.]

    New Tactics, as well as a mountain-siege artillery, are created in Italy following experience from the war in the Balkans. The new improvements were relatively easy breakthroughs, as the ability for Italy to defend itself greatly increased. [-2,000 Gold from Italy. +2 Army Levels to Italy.]

    In response to the new declaration of War upon the Russian Empire, the Swedish enact a total mobilisation of their armed forces, netting them a large amount of soldiers to fight the Russians with. [+700,000 Conscripts to Sweden.]

    The King of Sweden takes a tour of Norway and Sweden, rallying support for the War Effort. Norwegians, confident, rally behind the King, and support a stronger Sweden. He also announced that his government is working on trying to expand industry in Sweden, to try and make up for manufactured goods lost from the blockade. They decided to sink some money into industry, but it was of little noticeable impact. [+2 Industry to Sweden in 2 turns. -3,000 Gold from Sweden.]

    In Karelia, the new town of Murmansk is decimated by Swedish forces on August of 1904. The railroad lines are torn up, effectively removing Murmansk from supplying the Russians. The Kola peninsula is secured by Swedish forces after moving from Murmansk. Large amounts of allied shipping is picked up by the Swedish Army, enough to be spread out between the entire Army, greatly improving their fighting capabilities. [+2 Army Levels to Sweden.]

    Upon the arrival of British and Canadian soldiers to Murmansk to help guard that city from all attacks by Sweden or the Central Powers. However, when the Swedish Army arrived, they were well-equipped with winter gear, while the British and the Canadians only had moderate coverings. The Swedish Army, vastly outnumbered the British and Canadians, engaged in a fierce battle, sending the British and Canadian forces retreating to Arkhangelsk, after inflicting heavy losses on the Swedish, but their sheer numbers were unable to be held off. The town is decimated by Swedish forces, as railroad lines are torn up, removing Murmansk from supplying the Russians. The rest of the Kola peninsula is secured by Swedish forces after moving from Murmansk. Large amounts of allied shipping is picked up by the Swedish Army, enough to be spread out between the entire Army, greatly improving their fighting capabilities. [+2 Army Levels to Sweden. -55,000 Conscripts from Sweden. -7,000 Regulars from Canada. -10,000 Conscripts from Canada. -15,000 Regulars from the United Kingdom.]

    Another contingent of Swedish forces march through Finland, making it nearly halfway through Finland with little to no resistance at all.

    Frontlines of the Swedish-Russian War.

    In the Skagerrak Strait, French ships, a few Battleships, Escorts, and Troop Transports are seen by Danish Fishermen. The word gets out to the German Empire, who prepares to mobilise their Ships to fight off the French invasion. However, only a few km into the Strait, an explosion rips though the main French Battleship, tearing a huge chunk of metal away from it's hull, and it slipped beneath the waves in about ten minutes. The fleet, thinking they were under attack, tried to locate the ships, thinking they were coming from deeper inside the Strait, and ordered the fleet to try and halt and veer to the North, to bring them broadside with any ships coming from the East. However, no ships were found, and soon another explosion ripped through the fleet, sinking a troop transport, and all the men on board perished. [-1 Large Ship from France. -2,000 Conscripts from France.]

    The French commander, not keen on watching his ships randomly explode, ordered the entire convey to turn about and return back to France, not willing to risk losing his fleet to an unseen enemy.

    Off the coast of Trondheim, another French fleet attempted to close in on the city, but twelve miles out several troop transports were rocketed with explosions, sinking them to the bottom of the South Norwegian Sea. The French then decided to revert their course and return back to France, to not risk losing more ships and more soldiers. [-4,000 Conscripts from France.]

    In the German Empire, the Kaiser announces the creation of the independent states of Byelorussia and the Ukraine. He orders the German Military to immediately connect the infrastructures of the two nations, allowing for supplies to flow from the East to the West, and from the West towards the East. The costs were kept down by raiding the land, and their Eastern borders were defined at the Dnieper River until the military deemed any land to the East no longer essential to the War Effort. [+400 Trade Balance to Germany (+400 Puppets).]

    The German Empire begins construction of the new massive Railroad Batteries, creating encampments behind the fortifications of Elsass-Lothringen, as well as on the fronts of all the other Central Power allies. However, once a new fort on the Dnieper was created, the allies of Bulgaria and Romania surged across the river, making a path to the Don River. Russian forces, already beleaguered and weak, collapse against the onslaught of the Central Powers. [-50,000 Conscripts from Russia. -20,000 Conscripts from Romania. -15,000 Conscripts from Bulgaria.]

    The Treaty of Budapest of signed in Budapest, allowing the Germans and the Central Powers to better coordinate their war efforts. The German's plan to unite the Central Powers more closely is working, with the establishment of a central command, to better organize all of the orders, and to ensure there are no mistakes across the multi-ethnic fighting force. [+1 Army Levels to the DF, Romania, and Bulgaria. +2 Naval Levels to the DF, Romania, and Bulgaria.]

    Across the Danubian Federation, the Government tries to invest in Industry and new Railroads, but because of a small bureaucratic quark, and a few corrupt Magyar officials, half the work gets done, for double the price. [+10 Industry to the DF in 4 turns. +5 Infrastructure to the DF in 4 turns. -35,000 Gold from the DF.]

    Taxes are lowered in the Danubian Federation, and the Emperor attempts to try and purchase better equipment for the Army. Many people are surprised at the lower taxes and the increased spending. [+1 Army Level to the DF. -2,000 Gold from the DF. -400 Base Income from the DF.]

    With the Great War now in full swing, the Russian Empire signs trade agreements with Canada and the USA, to gain goods from their Pacific Ports. [+100 Trade Balance to Russia. (+100 North America). +50 Trade Balance to the USA (+50 Europe). +50 Trade Balance to Canada (+50 Europe).]

    At the base of the Ural Mountains, the Russian Empire tries desperately to start up new Industry to try and replace the industry already lost to the German Empire. However, costs quickly spiral out of control as the cost to ship goods through Persia and from Arkhangelsk amount higher and higher. A shaky new industrial base is created, but it's not enough to supply the Russians with vital supplies needed. [-16,000 Gold from Russia. +11 Industry in 1 turn to Russia.]

    Pan-Slavic agents from Russia are found in Bulgaria, and Russian agents are also found in Romania. The governments of the two nations have them executed as spies, before they could do any internal damage to the nation.

    Machine Guns and some new experimental flame-throwing weapons are sent to the frontlines in Russia, bringing their military capabilities back to normal. [+1 Army Level regained by Russia.]

    Fighting across the Eastern Front lit up during the summer months. In early July, German forces crosses the Dnieper River and laid chase to the Russian Armies, while the Danubians, Romanians, and Bulgarians made a general advance from their new positions. The Russians began to have a systematic destruction of the land as they retreated, bogging down the Central Powers. But, nevertheless, by the end of December they were able to reach the Don River, where Bulgarian and Danubian forces forced the capitulation of Rostov-on-Don, and the Garrison defending it. Although there was no push for Moscow, the Central Powers solidified their control over the Western Bank of the Don River. [-175,000 Conscripts from Russia. -15,000 Conscripts from Bulgaria. -25,000 Conscripts from Romania. -40,000 Conscripts from the DF. -150,000 Conscripts from Germany.]

    In the Balkans, peace is finally achieved with the signing of the Treaty of Vlore, bringing the nation of Northern Epirus into existence, as well as have peace reign between Italy and the forces of Greece and Albania. A general mood of content was found in the provisions, as prisoners of War were exchanged, reparations paid, and Albania formerly integrated into Serbia and Montenegro. Italy was allowed to keep the port city of Vlore, and used money from Serbia to help rebuild it. [+1 Infrastructure level to Italy. -1,000 Gold from Serbia. +25,000 Conscripts to Serbia. +55,000 Conscripts to Italy. +10,000 Conscripts to Greece.]

    The changes in the Balkans after the Treaty of Vlore was signed.

    The Serbian Kingdom went out to try and rebuild the portions of Albania it now owned, focusing on infrastructure first, to help goods and people travel around the area more better. [+1 Infrastructure to Serbia in 1 turn. -1,000 Gold from Serbia.]

    The Serbian Military, in a breakthrough revelation, and with help from the German Empire, watched as a series of brand new tactics were formed, along with a new service rifle. A breakthrough is also achieved in Naval Technology, with the Serbian Government setting up a Naval Office and Naval Academy for their future Navy. A French shipment of guns also helps the Serbians, bring the Maxim Guns into the Serbian Army. [+6 Army Levels to Serbia. +15 Naval Levels to Serbia.]

    The Serbian Government asks the population of the country to help create new jobs for their Albanian brothers, as well as for the Serbians. Thousands pour out their pockets to some of the wealthy, who then respond with opening massive amounts of new factories across the nation. [+10 Industry to Serbia. +15 Industry to Serbia in 1 turn.]

    A call to increase the Serbian Military goes out, and thousands flock to the recruiting stations to try and defend their small nation. [+20,000 Regulars to Serbia.]

    Trade between Bulgaria and the Republic of North Epirus commences. [+50 Trade Balance to Bulgaria (+50 Europe).]

    An Agreement between the Balkan nations of Serbia and Greece and the German Empire is reached, where in Athens and Belgrade, a German Garrison is stationed, to ensure the neutrality of the two nations.

    Tsar Ferdinand, coinciding with a release from the Government, calls for all the people of the nation to come together, that the war they are fighting is just, and that Russians are not the protectors of the Slavs, they are their oppressors. Bulgarians rise up to great this, and many enlist into the nation's army. [+1 Stability to Bulgaria. +100,000 Conscripts to Bulgaria.]

    Taxes are lowered across Bulgaria, as the mood of the nation swings solidly towards supporting the Government. [+1 Stability to Bulgaria. -20 Base Income from Bulgaria.]

    King Carol of Romania gave an inspiring speech to a crowd in Bucharest, saying that their actions in Russia were commendable and that more hardships must be faced in order to win the fight. [+1 Stability to Romania.]

    A massive railroad building project is put underway in Romania, expanding Railroads to almost every major city in the country, and trying to connect it better than has never been seen in Southeastern Europe. [+6 Infrastructure in 2 turns to Romania. -15,000 Gold from Romania.]

    North America

    In the United States, President Roosevelt authorizes the complete turnover of funds to Financial Giant J.P. Morgan, freeing the Government from the debt they were held in, when Morgan helped to bail out the Government from rampant spending. [-187,500 Gold from the USA.]

    The United States Army, no gearing up for war, is issued a brand new rifle as per the Army Bill of 1904. Thousands of Russian Machine Guns are put in the hands of the Americans. Massive amounts of money are spent on these new weapons, hoping to make the American Army the best in the world. However, an unseen flaw in the design rendered the gun nearly useless, mostly due to a translation error in the documents. The Government then spends money recollecting all the faulty guns and issuing rifles that are proven to work. [-75,000 Gold from the United States of America.]

    The United States Congress, on January 18th, 1904, passed the AC Electrification Program of 1904. In it, the Government would pay to install AC Electrical current in urban areas and large towns across the country. President Roosevelt hailed this as a new step forward, and made sure the first towns he ordered done were in the South, in a bid to try and shore up his popularity there. Overall, the program is a huge success. [-50,000 Gold from the United States of America. +4 Infrastructure Levels in 4 turns to the United States of America.]

    Elections in the United States go underway with George B. Cortelyou taking the helm of the Republican National Committee, focusing on re-electing President Roosevelt. The nomination went off without a hitch, as Mark Hannah had passed away from typhoid fever early in the year, clearing the way for Roosevelt to easily gain a majority of delegates. The Democrats nominated Alton B. Parker of New York to try and defeat President Roosevelt. His campainging was abysmal, with very little emotion put into his speeches. The President was awarded with a huge victory at the polls, gaining the electoral votes of the new Commonwealth of Cuba, as well as ripping Tennessee and Missouri from the Solid South, where the two states voted Republican for the first time since the 1868 Election. This gave President Roosevelt a total of 359 Electoral Votes, compared to Parker's 128 Votes. He won with 59.8% of the Popular Vote, clearly signalling he was the country's choice for President during this new period of War.

    Results of the 1904 United States Presidential Election.

    Attorney General Knox moved the Northern Securities Trust to trial as planned, but J.P. Morgan was left out as a defendant. It was filled in September of 1904, and the case moved quickly through the courts, with the Supreme Court ruling in late December that Northern Securities indeed did violate the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, and ordered it to be broken up into the companies that previously composed it. However E. H. Harriman and James J. Hill took their case to the public, rallying against this President, saying that this was a political move he railroaded in before the election, knowing it would hurt his chances. The message resounds with the people, as the President loses support of a small amount of the population, and a significant portion of the Pro-Business Faction of the Republican Party. [-1 Stability from the United States of America.]

    In Canada, Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier gave a public address to the citizens of Canada on why the government was going to war. Although he had given a long an eloquent speech, the opposition simply stated that Britain was going to war, so they had to follow. All effects of the Prime Minister's speech are negated by the opposition's statement.

    The Canadian Government tired to pass an infrastructure bill for Vancouver, but the opposition points out that the amount of money allotted to the project will never allow the project to finish. The ruling party disagrees, and the bill is passed. The opposition turned out to be right, after the Government paid for all the equipment, road building in Vancouver never got off the ground because of lack of funds to pay the workers. [-450 Gold from Canada.]

    Canadian forces, getting ready to be shipped across the Ocean to Europe, are treated lavishly in their preparations to be sent across the sea. Meals are catered, relaxations days and rounds of drinking at pubs are all paid for on the Canadian Taxpayer's dime [-400 Gold from Canada.]

    Canada inaugurates a new trade agreement with France and Russia, when the Prime Minister signed agreements with those country's representatives. [+100 Trade Balance to Canada (+100 Europe). +50 Trade Balance to France (+50 North America). +50 Trade Balance to Russia (+50 North America).]

    Funding for the Canadian Army is increased, improving its ability to coordinate and hire more people for logistics. [+1 Army Level to Canada. -100 Base Income from Canada.]

    A new Officer's Academy is opened in Ottawa, Canada. The Government had money placed into this project to help develop new tactics uncovered from the War. [-1,300 Gold from Canada. +1 Army Level to Canada.]

    South America

    Argentine and Italian representatives met in Buenos Aires to sign a trade deal between both nations, goods began to flow across the Atlantic between the two countries. [+50 trade to Argentina (Europe), +50 trade to Italy (South America)]

    After such meeting, the ambassador of the Ottoman Empire, C. Menem, convinced Argentine businessmen to trade with the Ottoman Empire, the phrase that closed the deal was "Follow me, I won't let you down", somehow those magic words worked better than orders and soon goods began to be traded between the two countries. [+50 trade to Argentina (+50 Asia), +50 trade to Ottoman Empire (+50 South America)]

    Argentina made and incredible achievement improving their education system. Their budget for education increased by 300%, thanks to this not only were many schools built but also the old ones were improved up to Western European standards. With new laws, making school mandatory, classed began to fill with hundred of thousands of boys and girls ready to be educated and converted into useful citizens. More importantly, immigrants began to be assimilated into the Argentinean culture, giving them more opportunities and chances to reach new positions that were before nothing but a dream to them. Finally, illiterate adults were obliged to attend night classes to make them more useful for society, witch worked since they were attracted to the classes with the allure of getting better salaries. [-1,000 Gold from Argentina. +1,450 base income to Argentina, homogeneous society.]

    With the Great War starting in Europe, The Argentine Minister of War ordered that the Argentinean Army needed to be increased in order to be able to fight the Central Powers. Though an aim of 25,000 new soldiers was put as objective by the Ministry of War, only 15,000 were recruited, it's still unknown if this was due to the lack of funds to recruit such amount of soldiers, or if the Minister's new mansion in the Patagonia and one truck filled with imported whiskey had something to do with it since the original budget was increased by 50%. [+15,000 regulars to Argentina in 1 turn. -4,500 Gold from Argentina]

    Another of the Argentinean government's projects was to expand one of their vital assets, the Mihanovic shipyards. The pride of the Argentinean shipbuilding industry and the envy of all Latin America. Foreign specialist were hired and money was pumped in into the project to make it able to develop small modern vessels. As men began to work, Mihanovic began to ask for much more money, for what they said was going to be the greatest thing the world saw. The money into this project was doubled, an on inauguration day for the new President. Mihanovic decided it was not the right time to develop a bigger shipyard so he used all the money to built the biggest floating casino in the world. Since is not in Argentinean soil it doesn't has to pay any taxes to the Government. When police got into the ship along President Roca, President Pellegrini and the Minister of War to arrest Mihanovic, everyone waited, until late at night when they all stumbled off the ship, drunk, joined by some fine young ladies. President Roca stated "There is nothing to worry about, everything is resolved now... now if you excuse me..." The former President was then seen the next morning in a shady hotel, slightly less rich. President Pellegrini, however, moved into the Executive Mansion and began governing the country once again. [-6,000 Gold from Argentina]

    Carlos Pellegrini, the new President of Argentina.

    With Argentina now at war, shipments with supplies were sent towards France and Russia. As it turned out, neither of the nations had received the supplies when the Argentine Government asked about them. The most shocking discovery was that the private shipping companies contracted out by the Argentine Government continued to trade with Germany, and even stole supplies bound for France and Russia and sent them to Germany via the Kiel Canal. This shocking revelation surprised many people, but a few bribes later, and the Argentine Government quickly ignored the entire issue.

    The Argentinean Navy began search and destroy activities in the Atlantic in hope of finding something to fire at. What they found was something that nobody expected. At first it was a Russian trading ship in the middle of the Atlantic, so they waved at them and decided to visit the ship, since relations were very good between the countries. When Argentinean sailors boarded, the captain sniffed something rare. After inspecting the cargo he saw it was only raw resources, most of them used to build ammunition. Knowing Russia had vast quantities of raw resources and their lack of heavy industry to produce ammo, needing to import it seemed highly unlikely. The Argentine Captain ordered his men to take over the ship, resulting in a gunfight between the Russians and the Argentinians. Several Russian sailors were killed, and the captain was captured, but the Russian ship managed to break away, and continued its voyage. However, upon interrogation of the captain, it was found that the ship was not bound for Russia, instead it was bound for Germany. They were a group of Anti-Tsarist Russians, flying under the protection of the Russian Flag, with the intent purpose of supply Germany with goods needed for their manufacturing sector.

    When news arrived on mainland Argentina of the Russian ship, Buenos Aires called all units to be set on red alert and to guard the coast. But soldiers knowing the enemy was far away in Europe fighting in Russian Territory, decided it was better to have fun in the beaches and no defense was set up. When the commander-in-chief visited the position, he decided it was time to eat croissants, drink beer and have a siesta.

    In Brazil, the government decided to bribe the rouge politicians in Rio de Janeiro, to end the madness that was going on there. The politicians took the money, and corrupt as they are, forgot about the deal and went back to Rio richer than before. The President lost patience and sent it the National Guard with the order to kill every single rouge politicians. But these devils, used the money the government gave them before to bribe the soldiers who were more than willing to abandon the government and join the rouges. The last thing that was seen of the commander in charge of the army that went there, he was dancing samba with the Queen of the Rio de Janeiro carnival, Derpina Dos Melones, considered Brazil's most beautiful woman. [-10,000 regulars to Brazil. -5,000 Gold to Brazil. -2 stability to Brazil.]

    On the industry sector, the whole European War opened new markets to supply, since demands of arms increased between 100% and 850% in some sectors. Businessmen began setting up modern arms factories in Pernambuco and São Paulo. Businessmen made deals good enough to give them blueprints for modern weapons, that not only they exported but also supplied the Brazilian army with it, increasing their fighting capability. [+10 Industry to Brazil in 2 turns. +1 Army Level to Brazil.]

    Now that Brazil is at war, the army decided to help their allies in the struggle. Soon 20,000 regulars were shipped towards British Nigeria in hope of helping the UK in any action. Everything was good until a storm caught the ships, all except one were able to pass the storm. The ship The Duke's Luke was sank, and it lost it's all it's crew and the 1,000 soldiers on board. When the 19,000 remaining regulars arrived in Nigeria they were too seasick and demoralized by the lost of their comrades at sea to do any fighting. [-1,000 regulars to Brazil, Brazilian Army in Nigeria can't attack for 1 turn]

    Sailors on The Duke's Luck shortly before taking off for their fatal voyage across the Ocean.

    Brazil and Bolivia closed a deal were Brazil would build a rail road between both countries. Due to the harsh terrain, savage tribes, jungles and mountains, it cost a lot to develop a single rail connecting both countries. Still, with time, both countries will be connected. [-4,000 Gold from Brazil, +2 Infrastructure to Brazil in 5 turns]

    Similar to what the United States did before in settling unclaimed areas to develop the country, Brazil tried to do the same. Only thing was that while the lands USA offered were very good to settle, Brazil offered jungles and swamps to settle in. Which was the same as a death sentence. Few villages are formed, but soon people began to die due to tropical diseases, as months passed everyone went back to cities.

    Brazilian ships began patrolling, they worked alongside Argentinian navy, found nothing interesting. The weather was unstable though, and one captian caught a nasty cold that caused him to almost steer his ship into some rocks.

    Finally some good news arrive to the President, as deal with Mexico and Peru were signed. Trade made the mood of the people of Brazil a bit better. [+100 Trade Balance to Brazil. (+50 South America, +50 North America)]


    In the Suez Canal, cleanup efforts from the Battle of the Suez are underway, with a priority on removing the wrecked ships from the lakes and canal bed. In what seems to be a four year clean-up job, the first phase is underway. Chunks of the ships are raised after being cut up underwater. The expenses, however, soon mount up and become slightly larger than expected. [-7,500 Gold from the UK. Suez Canal clean up progress 1/4.]

    In the Western Congo, the Kingdom of Belgium sinks money into trying to improve transportation infrastructure to aid the extraction of rubber and to help the people simply move around the nation. Although the expense was a little high, the Government felt that a positive change would help the Congo in every way possible. [+4 Colonial Infrastructure to Belgium in 2 turns. -2,500 Gold from Belgium.]

    The Force Publique is expanded in Léopoldville, composed of local Congolese soldiers. This acceptance of more Afrikans into the Army is generally seen as positive towards the nation. [+50,000 Regulars to Belgium in 2 turns. +1 Stability to Belgium. +30 Prestige to Belgium.]

    The Force Publique is sent to the Eastern Congo, where colonial abuses are investigated in the region of Lake Kivu are being investigated. Nothing is found, but the publicity of the Belgians trying to root out corruption and abuse is seen positively. [+15 Prestige to Belgium.]

    An expeditionary force of 10,000 regulars was sent by Argentina to Nigeria with the intention to support any British action. When the ships arrived and the troops disembarked, soon both armies commanders saw each other with hostility. While the Argentinean one saw the British as mere pirates who took away their Malvinas, the British commander saw the Argentinean as auxiliaries who had came to tend to their horses. Insults started going from one side to another and suddenly someone "accidentally" fired a shot. Soon both sides were in battle, after 5 hours of shooting and insulting the night came and both sides stopped fighting and remembered they were supposed to be allies. [-2,000 Conscripts from Argentina. -1,000 Conscripts from UK.]

    After, such shameful event, the United Kingdom decided it was time to show the world they could also fight their enemies. They amassed armies near all German colonies for a grand total of 305,000 soldiers. All German colonies, Kamerun, South-West Africa and Togoland were soon overrun by British might. Only in East Africa the German garrison was able to fend off a vastly superior British Force by the combined use of German conscripts and African Askaris led by Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck using hit-and-run guerrilla tactics. Though the coast of East Africa was taken the Germans and their allies were still active inland. British tried to search and destroy them, but each time they had to back off due to ambushes. The shock to British High Command was that an outnumbered and out gunned German army was able to fend them off made many overdecorated Generals to surprise and let their monocles fall into their cup of tea. Reality was that if soon this army of Lettow-Vorbeck wasn't finished quickly, it would bring many headaches to the British armed force and it's national pride. [-25,000 Conscripts to UK. -5,000 Regulars to UK. -12,000 Conscripts to Germany. -4,000 Regulars from Germany.]

    Ethiopia, tired of waiting Italian economic compensation they asked for years decided that it was enough. At early morning Italian outpost sighted a full army of Ethiopians marching into their territory. They seek vengeance for Italians have done before, so each Italian captured was as good as dead, this was why Italian armies preferred to flee the invading enemy rather to risk being captured. Stories of cannibalism were spread like wildfire. Still the Giulio Cesare army division, making honour to it's name didn't back off and presented fight. Due to the fact of being outnumbered and having an enemy born and raised in this territory looses were high, but modern weapons and the spirit of the first Caesar made the hold off and repel the Ethiopians. [-3,000 Regulars from Italy. Ethiopia made some advance into Italian colonies.]


    In the Middle Kingdom, efforts are taken to establish a national police force. The current uprisings in several provinces cause severe issues however, and the measure loses its priority until the Tongmenghui are crushed. Similar failures are seen in the establishment of a postal system, and efforts to attract European industrialists fail due to the unstable economic climate. The only successful domestic measure by the Chinese is the development of a domestic arms industry to reduce the nation’s reliance on imports.
    [-3,000 gold from China, +1 army level.]

    In Central Asia, the Chinese Xiyu Army completes the conquest of Bishkek and the surrounding area, and extends the occupied territories north from their position to Lake Balgash, completing the immediate war aims of the Chinese. From corner to corner of the Empire, a feeling of goodwill towards the Qing dynasty pervades, and Yat-Sen’s pro-foreigner stance sets him apart from the majority of China, causing his faction of the Tongmenghui to find it harder to sustain local support. Across the year loyalist forces pushed rebels back, clearing whole provinces from their militia, and by December Sun Yat-Sen’s men had been reduced to a number of strongholds in the South of China – It was no coincidence that these positions were geographically near the French. [-100,000 conscripts from China. Most provinces fully under Imperial control.]

    Chinese militia, just after clearing Shanxi province of rebels.

    In Guangxi province, the Guangdong Expeditionary Corps decided that their position was untenable, and chose to withdraw overland to French Indochina, to consolidate their forces and secure the colony from insurgents and invaders. En route to Qinzhou the Corps was continually harassed by Imperial Chinese, and by the time they reached the safety of the coast they had lost many of their number. Naval bombardments pushed out the local defenders however, and Qinzhou was relatively safe for the French to resupply. Once in Tonkin, the French soldiers were committed to the task of re-establishing control over the rebellious colony. Not content with seeing the French soldiers merely leave their lands, the Chinese drove into Tonkin via the Red River, taking Lao Cai province and allowing the Vietnamese rebels to establish themselves there. [-20,000 conscripts from China, -5,000 regulars, -7,000 regulars from France]

    French soldiers at Qinzhou, just before continuing their march.

    Fully repaired, but not upgraded, the Russian’s move their fleet to the Chinese coast in an attempt to draw out the Chinese navy by bombarding Chinese shipyards. The Chinese navy however is under strict orders to defend Tianjin, and refuses to be drawn into combat. A diplomatic incident occurs when several Dutch nationals are killed during one particular bombing.

    In Siam, railways are seen for the first time, connecting major cities on the coast. King Rama V after travelling by new rail to Bangkok announces that all corruption is to be punishable by death. All of Siam is pleased at this measure, except for the one unlucky soul who is publicly executed to establish the seriousness of the decree. Across Siam, modern farming equipment appears, greatly enabling Siamese agriculture. Many of the workers who are put out of work due to mechanisation duly sign up to the army, limiting the effect of urbanisation on the nation. [+3 infrastructure, +1500 base income, +1 stability, +20,000 regulars to Siam, -6,000 gold from Siam.]

    In an effort to destabilise French Indochina further the Siamese royal army marches into Luang Prabang, where King Sisavang Phoulivong is supportive of French rule. Contrary to orders, the generals engage the French and their Lao allies in set battles, where they crush the defenders. The Royal Palace of Luang Prabang, French made and merely several months old, is put to fire, and the capital city occupied by men of Siam – To their credit, the Siamese soldiers are well disciplined, and disorder is kept to a minimum with payment made for all supplies taken. Efforts to co-ordinate with local rebels however fail, as the two sides are unable to settle on a unified set of aims. [-3,000 regulars, -500 gold from Siam. -2,000 conscripts from France. The kingdom of Luang Prabang occupied by Siam.]

    A group of French defending against Siamese attack.

    In the Ottoman Empire, the cities of Baghdad and Damascus saw an explosion in industry that wasn’t merely metaphorical. New armament factories sprang up, hoping to profit from the global war. Further profiting from the war, the Ottoman parliament voted to encourage the banking sector with deregulation and lower taxes. Money quickly flowed through the Ottoman exchanges due to it being one of the few nations untouched by war. Military training continues, and commanders are hopeful that real gains will be made in the coming years. However, many feel that the army is big enough, and recruitment efforts fall far short of their target.
    [+3 industry, +300 base income, +1 army level in 1 turn, +5,000 regulars to the Ottomans. -4,000 gold from the Ottomans.]

    [+100 Trade Balance to Ottoman Empire (+50 South America, +50 Europe) +50 Trade Balance to Bulgaria (+50 Middle East), +50 Trade Balance to Argentina (+50 Middle East).]

    In the Japanese Empire, war is declared upon Germany, their previous allies who helped them conquer Korea. Much of the population is surprised at the government for this move, and popular support for the government drops significantly with some going as far as to say that the Genro have misled the Emperor. [-1 stability from Japan.]

    To strengthen their hold over the Koreans, the Japanese invest funding to repair the damage done to Seoul. Many see this as pointless, and would rather invest in the rest of the country, however the work goes ahead at record pace, and by the New Year the capital of Korea is already regaining its former glory. Tax breaks are granted to those who are willing to invest in domestic industry. The measures have some success, but fall short of their targets. [Seoul mostly rebuilt, +4 industry to Japan. -13,000 gold from Japan.]

    A defensive alliance is signed with the USA, along with trade. A defensive alliance is also signed with the British Empire, along with a vast joint venture to strengthen the fleets of both nations. One of the submarines gained in the treaty with Britain is fully deconstructed in an effort to better learn how to construct them. However, the Japanese engineers are inexperienced with such designs, and the submarine is essentially scrap metal by the time they have finished dissected it. [+100 Trade Balance to Japan (+50 Europe, +50 North America), +50 Trade Balance to USA (+50 Asia), +50 Trade Balance to UK (+50 Asia).]

    In the Australian Commonwealth, the government pushes war bonds to raise some much-needed finances. Some citizens do, but many are unconvinced at the need for war and don’t bother. A military college is opened in Melbourne, but the lack of general experience amongst the Australian command means it will take a year for the effects to be felt. New trade routes are opened between Australia and Chile. [+9,000 gold to Australia. +1 army level in 1 turn to Australia. +50 Trade Balance to Australia (+50 South America)]

    In the Pacific, a four-way race occurs between Japan, Australia, USA and India to seize German islands. For their part, the Australians initially bypassed New Guinea and pushed north, but by the time they reached the Mariana Islands they found that the Americans had already occupied them. Disheartened, the Australians returned south, occupying the Caroline Islands before reaching Kaiser-Wilhelmsland early in 1904. However the inexperienced army had trouble properly controlling the territory - it was only when 30,000 soldiers from the Japanese Empire arrived in support of the Australians that the colony was taken, at which point the Japanese promptly returned to their own islands. A further 15,000 Japanese had been sent to take what German islands they could, and for themselves seized the Marshal Islands. Months late, a Corps of Indian troops arrived at New Guinea, and claimed the land for India before realizing their fellow dominion, Australia, had already occupied the region, causing them to leave empty handed but not before losing men to disease. [Kaiser-Wilhelmsland, Caroline Islands and German Solomon Islands occupied by Australia, -1,000 regulars from Australia. Nauru and Mariana Islands occupied by USA, Marshal Islands occupied by Japan. -50 Trade Balance from Germany (-50 Pacific) -1,000 regulars from India.]

    German troops at Kaiser-Wilhelmsland, the only notable German resistance in the Pacific theatre.

    In Persia, efforts are made to build a new railway network. However, the treaty with the British Empire curtails these efforts, now seen as pointless when much of the ownership would be taken out of state control. Instead, the British take over connecting the Persian coast with Russia, while the Indians invest in connecting their nation with Persia. The mountainous terrain slows work, but a railway does reach the Russian border by the end of the year. [-20,000 gold from the UK. +2 infrastructure to Persia, + 1 infrastructure to India, +400 base income to UK, +200 base income to India, +100 base income to Persia.]

    Renovation of the Shah’s palace proceeds at an incredible rate, and foreign visitors marvel at the architecture. The brand new ‘Museum of Persia’ opens in Tehran, and some of the greatest minds of the globe (at least those not under blockade) travel to the nation to admire the Persian arts and their history. Like their neighbours to the West, Persia also seeks to profit from the world war, and weapons industries open up across the nation, bringing new wealth to the nation. [+75 prestige to Persia, +10 industry to Persia, -15,000 gold from Persia.]

    One of the many side entrances for the Shah’s new palace.

    In India, the army is issued with improving the infrastructure of the nation. Even though many expecting to be fighting on the front lines and not at home digging, they continue with their work and by the end of the year India’s roads all look less dirty. Following the improvement of the road network, millions of Indians migrate to the cities to find new, well-paid jobs. Sadly for the migrants, there are none, and most of the money set up to fund new industry is either siphoned off or used to provide basic living for the immigrants. Following this debacle, members of the Indian government tour the country to find out the issues that the people face and connect with the common man. They soon find that the ‘common man’ wants nothing to do with a government that plunges into imperialistic wars and spends millions on wasted projects. A final success for the government is a measure to expand the mining industry within India. Much wealth is invested, and many new mines open across the nation. [+5 infrastructure to India. -60,000 gold from India. -1 stability from India. +300 base income to India.]

    Soldiers are sent to the Indian borders to formalise the extent of Indian control, respecting the borders recognised by the British. While the troops arrive fine, and several forts are established, the high aims of setting up local infrastructure fail. In late summer 30,000 Indian soldiers arrive in German East Africa with the aim of seizing the colony. Attempts to land at Tanga are initially rebuffed, with the German commander rushing in troops to aid in the defences. Disembarking on the beaches near the town, the Indian soldiers are soon opened fire upon, breaking their advance. Ghurkha’s made it into the city proper, but a lack of support by other units forced them to fall back. It was only one a swarm of bees appeared and attacked the German defenders that they were forced to break, allowing the Indians to enter the town – The event gave the battle its name; “Battle of the Bees”. The German defenders withdrew to support Captain Lettow while the Indians set about establishing their command. In a final gesture, the Royal Indian Navy patrols the Indian Ocean to defend against German attack. Predictably, none are found. [-1,000 conscripts from Germany, -5,000 conscripts from India.]

    The Battle of the Bees.

    A treaty between India and Tibet is signed, formaliszing the borders between the two nations, and ceding some disputed land to the Indians. The Tibetan Government was paid for this, but it was quickly seized by Chinese officials. [-735 Gold from India. +735 Gold to China.]

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