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    Hi all,

    My first post, sorry if this has been covered before.

    When I'm defending Belgium, as France, and the Belgium army pancakes 800 divisions (slight exaggeration) on top of my infantry corps in a particular province do I incur stacking penalty for their troops? I assume I would, but this seems silly. I forgot to check last time I played France but this was really frustrating.

    Would it be possible to have a division limit per province and throw stacking penalty out the window?


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    Every unit in the battle contributes to the stacking penalty, so it can be really nasty. You can withdraw your units if the ally seems capable of winning the battle. Don't pull out at once, withdraw your units slowly so that enough allied units are in the upper battle box. Note that if your allies lose the battle while your units are in the lower reinforcement box, all units in the battle automatically retreat, so it's always important to pay close attention to battles like this.

    As to changes, no. This stacking penalty has been a feature of the game since it came out, so that would mean a major revision of the game. The problems is the way that the game engine handles these situations as you basically get no cooperation among allies, no SHAEF.

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    The game really shouldn't get rid of stacking penalties, anyway. It's there for a reason; and as harsh as the stacking penalty can be, it's not THAT bad unless something has gone wrong (like in the example you provide).

    If you took out stacking penalties, then the solution to every major combat would be to put 25 divisions on defense in a critical location and just dig in your heels. As divisions lose ORG, they would be replaced by your stack in constant rotation. In fact, without stacking penalties and just width, you end up with combat like Vic2. This would be problematic in a WWII game.
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