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Thread: What's up with Time Compression?

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    Question What's up with Time Compression?

    - Fixed: Unable to change preferred time compression to same as set by other player (if lower than what already requested) in multiplayer game.
    I'm not sure what this means. Has the way time compression in multiplayer been changed? It seems like it. After the patch, it seems to be more confusing then before. Maybe someone could describe how it works at the moment? I know that it should be whoever sets the slowest time compression sets the game time compression. But something seems strange with the way its working right now. Has anyone else noticed this?

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    I single player I've had time compression go crazy. I was playing "Hide and seek", everything was going fine, a few missiles in the air where causing the game to stutter a bit but nothing too serious.
    I adjusted time compression a few times to see my land strike missiles hit quickly.

    After a few minutes the time compression was all over the place without my intervention. The time compression bar was going up and down by itself! This until the end of the mission which was unplayable at this point as it froze, accelerated, slowed down before continuing to go crazy. I hit the end of mission report because things got bad after I had destroyed most of the enemy.

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    It fixed a bug reported on this forum earlier, not allowing you to set the current time compression as your own desired compression.

    If time compression goes crazy, this means that the game can't keep up with your changes. If you have automatic time compression settings on, this will make it worse. I'd just reduce it to 1:1 until it calms down

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    I did have automatic time compression on and strongly suspect that was the source of the problem. I left it alone after a while and it didn't recover. Hopefully that fix solves it.

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    OK, I've been playing with automatic time compression off so as not to get in ever-changing time compression hell. The game still goes crazy after a while specially if I use it intensively.

    To be clear, I'm accelerating, slowing down when I see action, accelerating again. After a while it just stops responding and goes up and down by itself until the end of the scenario. The time compression keys and UI can no longer be used when that happens and I can see the time compression bar go from red to yellow to red and jump randomly back and forth. There is something seriously screwed there that I hope the next patch fixes.

    Not being able to use time compression coupled with no savegame means wife won't be happy.

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