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Thread: Can't Make Peace

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    Can't Make Peace

    So I'm the Duke of Munster, and I plot to take away land from my one vassal. This results in war, I can't win the civil war so I call in my allies Scotland and Wales. Our combined army crushes the Ormond and we siege.

    However they have larger armies than me and THEY become the leaders of the sieges, even though their armies were attached to mine. Now I can't make peace because of the game mechanic that you cannot end a civil war if outsiders control holdings. Well these are MY outsiders fighting in MY name.

    This can't be WAD right? I also waited 5 years to see if it would white peace, no such luck. This is kind of game breaking for me, I can't DO anything I'm in a perpetual war that I can't end. Any suggestions? Is this a bug? Or a flaw in an under thought game mechanic? Btw since they are my allies they cannot have seperate peaces with him so we all just sit around staring at each other.


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    When (during a siege) a larger army is attached to one of your, hit "pause", order to leave the region, cancel that order and unpause. That way you'll win the siege yourself.
    In crusade, if you're weak but want to participate and win, place armies (even with only 10 soldiers) in region near any papal doomstack. If somehow they decide to move in your targeted region, you'll be able to order an assault within 2 days. (I won jerusalem like that as count ).
    Third advice, if you don't want to / don't have load a previous game, try to create rebellions, or make your enemy die, maybe the war would end "enconclusivly".

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    When my ruler died the war FINALLY ended inconclusively, but still is the lesson you can never use allies to help in civil wars?

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    I've already wrote it here - http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...war&highlight=
    It seems a bug. And there's only one way to make a peace - to kill yourself.

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