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Thread: SCW advice?

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    SCW advice?

    I'm thinking of playing a RepSpa '33 campaign but am not familiar with the events. What should I be aware of, especially for when SCW breaks out?

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    Isn't the fun all about not knowing the causality of your decisions? ^^

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    France and Britain will not support you.I've never seen them send aid.
    Germany and Italy will always help out Franco, though.
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    Just wanted to know how the SCW would be handled. As it turns out, both sides get a large pool of units to deploy while NatSpa gets some inopportune regions in Iberia as well as the colonies. It was so easy encircling them, the war ended eary September and now I have a big stockpile of nearly everything as well as a semi-modern if banged-up army. Wonder if I get to keep the free units. No postwar event so far.

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    I think you keep them.
    Try playing the scenario without reorganizing your units, letting the thing come as a surprise.

    Also, try giving the nats a little time to organize if you want a challenge. Once the aid comes from Italy/Germany it should start getting interesting.

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