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Thread: Thoughts/questions about the demo (things cut out or just not implemented?)

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    Thoughts/questions about the demo (things cut out or just not implemented?)

    Two things I wonder about from the demo

    First thing, how can you make cities grow larger faster, are there any buildings doing this? Couldnt find anything that explained what exactly makes your cities grow.

    And second, I couldnt seem to find anyway to increase or decrease how much money/mana etc I wanted to give or demanded from a warlock when being in the "political tradescreen". Can you just give/demand 100gold from them? O.o

    I might have been blind though, great game otherwise! Except you cant deactivate victory conditions

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    In the demo there is a spell called "Blessing of Life". It adds +65 to a city's population growth with an upkeep of one mana. Your reputation with a god Agrela has to be at least 25. There's also a spell "Prosperity" which increases growth, saw that in some Youtube-video.

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