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Thread: Victory w/claimant but not the Marshal???

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    Victory w/claimant but not the Marshal???

    Greetings Everyone,

    Got an interesting problem here. I started Warband intending to play for the Nords and started out as a mercenary for them. Everything was going great, they declared war on Swadia and we took it to them, taking all of their towns with only a few, spread out, castles and villages left. I personally destroyed several Swadian armies, etc. As time passed, I started to realize that I wanted to start using Swadian armies and decided that I wanted to turn coat and start working for Swadia. Instead of going straight to the Swadian king, I decided I would do the claimant quest and restore the queen to her throne. I mainly did this because the wiki states that if you successfully restore the claimant, you will permantely become the marshall.

    Well, after taking the last castle and chasing down the remains of Swadian lords and the king, I finally got the message that the faction of Swadia was destroyed. I waited to be named the marshall but in a tragic turn of events that friggin wiggin &*&&*!!!*! queen named a different lord as Marshal! Whats up with that??? Anyways, now Im a part of a spread out and weak faction and I can't start a war against other factions to try and take territory!

    Did something mess up? Am I not a high enough level (lvl 21)? Any way to fix this???

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