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Thread: Did they nerf pressing claims?

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    Did they nerf pressing claims?

    It used to be of you gave a land title to a claimant that when you conquered the land they stayed with, now that is not happening and now they are independant?

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    That was a bug that was fixed in the latest patch. Are you fully patched up?

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    I'm up to 1.5d that is the latest?

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    Not any more. It's 1.05e.

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    Oh okay thanks, and this is fixed? I was reading in the bug forums that this might actually considered a exploit (invite courtier, grant land, press claim, profit)

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    Exploit or not, this is gamey like hell.
    Still it's better than the invite claimant, marry my duaghter matrilinealy, get a dynasty member with the correct claim. Go get it for the familly...

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